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  • How do I buy tickets to attend the West Indies v England matches?

Tickets can be purchased online via, or alternatively through Note: a Windies Tickets account must first be created to proceed with an online purchase.

Tickets can be purchased in person at the Kensington Oval box office.

  • What are the Kensington Oval box office hours?

The Kensington Oval box office opening hours are:

Mondays - Saturdays: 10am - 6pm and on match days

  • Can I purchase tickets on the day of the matches?

Yes. Tickets can be purchased on match days online at or at Kensington Oval office during the above opening hours only.

  • 50% discount for local fans - how will I receive this match tickets?

Cricket West Indies is providing this special offer for local residents who have been greatly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic to provide assistance to the many fans affected during the last 2 years, to provide affordable access for as many local fans into the stadium as possible. The 50% discount is applicable to residents of the West Indies and is redeemable on purchases made online and at the Kensington Oval box office. This special offer is not applicable to Banks Party Stand tickets. Local fans can buy Party Stand tickets at a rate of US$75/BS$150 through representatives of Power by Four, the Party Stand Operator.

For fans buying online, , the WINDIES TICKETS website will apply a discount offer based on the address provided. When selecting a ticket in the online stadium "shopping cart", local fans can select the 50% discount from the drop down menu on the right hand side of the page so this 50% discount is applied to their purchase.

  • Will children be allowed to attend the matches?

We would love children to attend and the stadium regulations allow for children who are fully vaccinated to attend. No exceptions will be made for unvaccinated children or those that are vaccinated. This regulation has been agreed to enable the first major live cricket games to go ahead since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, agreed between CWI, the government of Barbados, Kensington Oval and the Barbados Cricket Association.

  • What time do the gates open?

For the Betway T20Is, gates open at 1pm for a 4pm start.

For the Apex Test Series, gates are likely to open before 9am for a 10am match day start time.

  • I bought a ticket online; how do I retrieve my ticket?

Tickets purchased online can be retrieved via your Windies Tickets account by following the following steps:

  1. After your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to retrieve your tickets via your Windies Tickets account.
  2. Follow the prompts on the link to log in to your Account, or login at
  3. Your tickets should be available to view, print or save to your mobile device. Alternatively, click on the “Ticket History” tab/link in the maroon bar on the right hand side of your account page to view your ticket order and then click on "See Details" to get
  4. Please note your tickets will never be emailed to you by CWI. They are retrievable only through your Windies Tickets account.
    1. Friends/family can share their tickets with you by email and you should check with them to ensure they meant to share the ticket with you.
  • I bought my ticket online and am unable to print a physical copy; can I present my ticket from my phone?

Yes. Tickets purchased online via may be downloaded and saved to your mobile device which will be scanned at the stadium for entry.

  • I paid to collect my tickets, where is the ticket collection point?

The ticket collection point is the box office between the Kensington Oval and Fontabelle Road. The box office opening hours are:

Mondays - Saturdays: 10am - 6pm as well as being open on match days.

  • If I contract COVID-19 and am unable to attend the matches, will I receive a refund?

No. CWI’s refund policy states that you will not be entitled to nor can claim a refund if you contract COVID-19.

If you were due to travel overseas to attend the match, a refund will be issued only if the government in the Caribbean or your home country advises against travel into the Caribbean, or if local conditions mean the match must be played behind closed doors. See our full Refund policy here

If you have travel insurance, you may be able to submit a claim through your insurer.

  • If I contract COVID-19 and am unable to attend the matches, can I gift my ticket to someone else?

Yes. If you purchased your ticket online, you can Modify Your Booking in your Windies Tickets to transfer your tickets to friends or family. The recipient’s name and email address will be required for the transfer.

If you purchased your ticket at the venue box office - you can simply gift the ticket to a friend or family member.

  • If I miss the match I purchased, can I attend another match in its place?

No. You can only attend the match for which you purchased your ticket. Alternatively, you can gift the ticket to a friend or family member before the match and purchase a new ticket for the future match you would like to attend, subject to availability.

  • Do I need to do a COVID-19 Test to attend the matches?

A COVID-19 Test is not required for entry into any of the seated stands. However Banks Party Stand patrons must present a negative Rapid Antigen Test result no more than 48 hours prior to the start of the scheduled match. This cannot be a self test and must be administered by a testing provider approved the Government of Barbados (see list of providers at bottom of page)

A testing facility for Banks Party Stand ticket holders will be available at the entrance to the Party Stand on match days, with tests provided free of charge. Please allow plenty of time to arrive and get a test.

Do I need to be vaccinated to attend the matches?

Yes. All patrons, players, umpires, media, event staff, caterers, ground staff and other stadium attendees must be fully vaccinated to attend, play or work at the matches. Persons are considered “fully vaccinated” if their final vaccine dose was received at least 14 days prior to match attendance.

  • Will I need to show proof of vaccination for entry?

Yes. Official proof of full vaccination and a government-issued ID are required for entry on each match day of attendance. If your vaccination documentation/ID is not available for presentation at the venue entrance, you will not be allowed to enter the venue and will not be entitled to nor can claim a refund.

You can also download and use the BIMSafe App to input your vaccination details. Once completed, prepare to share your BIMSafe App details at the ground.

  • What proof of vaccination will be accepted at the stadium?

Government-approved vaccination certificates - physical or digital - will be accepted as proof of vaccination. Government-issued identification will also be required to verify identity on vaccination documents.

  • What are the COVID-19 protocols for entry into the Banks Party Stand?

To by allowed entry into the Banks Party Stand, the following protocols must be observed:

  • All patrons must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19
  • All patrons must present a negative COVID-19 rapid antigen test result from an approved Barbados government provider. The test must have been taken within a maximum of 48 hours prior to the start of the match in question. (A negative COVID-19 rapid antigen test is NOT required to enter other stands at Kensington Oval).
  • Masks must be properly worn at all times, except when eating or drinking.
  • Social distancing must be observed. The Party Stand Capacity has been limited to 600 persons for the Betway T20I Series. You should avoid sitting next to a group of fans or individuals that you haven’t had prior contact with. Marshalls and stewards will be available to help and advise.

  • Where can I have my COVID-19 Test administered for entry into the Banks Party Stand?

There will be a COVID-19 testing station located in the vicinity of the Banks Party Stand that will provide FREE Rapid Antigen tests on match days only. Testing will begin at 1pm on each match day for the Betway T20I Series. Testing time for the Apex Test Series will be updated at a later date.

Alternatively, you can get tested at one of the following approved Ministry of Health and Wellness testing sites, the cost of which will be borne by you.

  • Where there be social distancing at the venue?

Yes. The stadium is being operated at a 50% capacity to meet COVID-19 regulations and allow for social distancing. Subject to groups around you, you may be required to move forward or backward to a row in front of you. Every other row of seats is empty to allow for this movement. You should avoid sitting next to a group of fans or individuals that you haven’t had prior contact with. Marshalls and stewards will be available to help and advise.

Tour operator groups will be able to sit together in one large group.

If you are immediately next to a group of other fans, with no space between your seats and theirs, please move one row forward or backwards to create the space.

  • Can I bring my own food items and drinks to the stadium?

Yes. Food and drinks will be allowed into the stadium. Coolers no larger than 12 inches x 12 inches (30 cm x 30cm) are also permitted. Glass bottles, knives and sharp metal cutlery are strictly prohibited. Note: Coolers are not allowed within the Banks Party Stand, although you can bring in backpacks and handbags for personal items and to bring water.

  • Will there be food and drinks on sale at the stadium?

Yes. A full range of food and drink concessions will be available serving hot food and snacks, with soft and alcoholic drinks. COVID-19 protocols are also in effect when moving around to purchase refreshments.

  • Do I have to wear a mask while at the stadium?

Yes. Masks must be worn at all times while at the stadium, except when eating or drinking.

  • Will there be a Party Stand for these matches?

We are proud to partner with Banks Beer for the Banks Party Stand - presented by Power by Four. Tickets are available at or the Kensington Oval box office. Your must be at least 18 years old and follow all COVID-19 protocols for the Party Stand.

  • How much do the Banks Party Stand tickets cost?

The Banks Party Stand Tickets are priced at US$100 per match day (BDS$200 per day) with an option of a five-day season ticket price of US$400 for the Test match.

  • What amenities are included with the Banks Party Stand ticket?

Banks Party Stand patrons will enjoy a superb beach-style environment featuring bleachers, jet skis, deckchairs and rum barrels. The West Indies vibes will come to life with DJs, dancers, an entertainment stage, fully stocked bars and a food court with the great aromas of Caribbean food, whilst water misters are also available to cool fans down when the action gets too hot.

For the Betway T20Is, Banks Party Stand tickets include:

  • 5 soft or alcoholic drinks
  • A meal from the food court

For the Test match, Banks Party Stand tickets include the following on each match day:

  • 5 soft or alcoholic drinks
  • Food vouchers for breakfast
  • A meal
  • Plus a hotdog or burger.

  • List of rapid antigen testing providers approved by the Government of Barbados

In addition to the Banks Party Stand testing area which is open on match days at no charge, the following list of providers can provide a government approved test no more than 48 hours before a match day.

J.A.P Medical Services Jonathan Puchi, Suleman Patel
Sandy Crest Medical Centre Dr. Satera Watson, Nurse Lateefah Drakes, Dr. Brian Marshall, Nurse Arielle Cummins, Nurse Tanza Prescod
Covid Testing Barbados Dr. Pedro Blackman
One Medical Clinic Dr. Crystal K.M. Haynes
NBMD Medical Services Dr. Nyasha Browne
Blu Isles Dr. Suleman Patel, Dr. Todd Lavine, Dr. Chelsi Corbin, Dr. Andreanna White, Kirk Fields RN, Katrina Cumberbatch RN
Four Roads Medical Clinic Dr. Emma Dash and Dr Azeez Adam
Soco Hotel Testing services Dr. Addison St. John and Dr. Kimberley Taylor
Bayview Labs Inc Lyndon Waterman, Husain Patel, Jahnavi Mehta, Jamila Small, Tifany Maynard, Paige Maynard
Trudy Weekes medical company TW MEDICAL SERVICES. Trudy Weekes
Hannahmed clinic-laboratory And Four Roads Medical Clinic Dr. Emma Dash
Elcourt Clinic Dr. Fallon Goodridge
Hoyos Medical Inc t/a ELCOURT CLINIC 5 DOCTORS - Michael Charles/ Claudia Martindale/ Roger Sealy/ Fallon Goodridge/ Ron Robinson/ Nurse Natasha Frederick
Bryden Stokes Pharmacy Ms. Tonia Boyce , Ms. Donette Gill
Rachel Blanchette Rachel Blanchette
Compassionate Clinical Services Inc., Bridge Medical Clinic Dr. Ashana S. Marshall, Staff Nurse Jamie Cumberbatch
Trident Care Barbados Dr. Abdullah A. Ekalvaya. Dr. Shanice Ashby
Alexander Consulting Inc Dr. Sonita Alexander
Diagnostic Medical Joseph Herbert, Annemarie Irvine, Russell Broome-Webster
SF Testing / South Fork Inc. Dr. Toni-Michele Marshall
Workmans Medical Center Dr. Akilah Burrowes
First Line Medical Center, First Line Mobile Care Dr. Greig Millar, Dr. Shontelle Millar
Dr. Akilah Burrowes Dr. Akilah Burrowes
Kairos Medical Clinic Dr. Kia Lewis
Dr. Simon Wicht Dr. Simon Wicht
First Choice Healthcare Centre Dr. Tina Ifill, Dr. Kia Reece, Dr. Akilah Burrowes, Dr. Ayja Clarke
Dr. Simon Wicht Dr. Simon Wicht
GP Care Services Dr. Tricia Boyce
ChemScreen Laboratory Services Inc. Mahalia Griffith, , Angela Williams, Monetta Reeves-Hamilton, , Jamilla Nicholls , Malissa Ramnuth
Rosedale Dental Dr Eugene Gamble
Salters Medical Center Dr. Angele Pounder
Alliance Medical Services Dr. Asha Drakes
Occupational Medical Services Dr. Abdul Pandor
Four Roads Medical Clinic Dr. Azeez Adam
One Medical Clinic Dr. Amanda Bodenarain
Renovada Medical Cheryl-Ann Williams Kimberley Williams
Standard Pharmacy Ltd. Kelenna Browne, MD
Riverside Medical Clinic Dr. O. Peter Adams, Dr Sonita Alexander

What if my COVID-19 Test comes back positive?

Should your Antigen Test return positive, it is recommended that you return home and contact a Ministry of Health and Wellness, government approved testing provider to get a confirmatory PCR test. Should the PCR test return a positive result, the MHW will contact you to provide guidance in accordance with the government’s COVID-19 mandates.

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