Accessing your secure Windies Tickets

Accessing your West Indies Tickets How to download and/or print your tickets

The new Windies Tickets service makes it easier for you to store your tickets on your mobile device or print at home to bring with you to the venue, avoiding the need to wait for tickets to arrive in the post or to queue to collect them.

Your tickets are always held in your Windies Tickets account and are never sent to you by email.

To access your tickets:

  • login to your account
  • click on "Order History" in the right hand maroon menu bar
  • click on "See Details" for your order(s)

How to download and/or print your tickets

Our ticket and security teams will scan your phone screen or your print-at-home ticket when you present your ticket(s) at the stadium entrance.

To print or save your tickets follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Windies Tickets account
  2. Make sure pop-up blockers are disabled
  3. In the right hand side menu, click on "Tickets" under "My Bookings"
  4. Select the match with the ticket that you want to save or print
  5. Underneath the match information, click on the the print button, or open mobile.
  6. If you click on the print button, a PDF page will open which you can save or print*.
  7. If you click on open mobile, the tickets will be opened and you can save as PDF on to your mobile phone or device
  8. If printing, print your ticket on plain A4 white paper. Keep the printed ticket dry and do not damage the scanning code, which is generally a QR code.
  9. When arriving at the venue, open the PDF on your mobile device for scanning by our ticket and security team, at the relevant entrance gate. If you have printed out your ticket, this will be scanned by our ticket and security team at the entrance gate.

*To print at home, you will need an inkjet or laser printer, plain A4 white paper and have installed a recent version of Adobe Acrobat (you can install the latest version here).

Please only print your ticket once and don’t photocopy the original, as the barcode will only scan once.

Don't forget to download and save, and/or print all of the tickets in your booking.

If you’re having difficulties please email and we’ll try our best to help. Please be aware that we may not be able to respond immediately due to the number of ticket enquiries that we receive.