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Rovman Powell has set out the double goal of helping the Jamaica Scorpions win their first domestic 50 overs title since 2011-12 and returning to the West Indies white ball teams.

You just missed out on current West Indies selection due to recovery from the injury you had after home series versus India. Update the Caribbean fans on how you are feeling physically and mentally ahead of Super50?

Physically I’m feeling good, I’m 85-90 % there. I still haven’t been cleared to bowl by the Cricket West Indies Medical Team, but apart from that the body is feeling good and it’s just good to be back (playing cricket).

From a mental perspective I think I’m in a good space. The Colonial Medical Insurance Super50 is a very important thing now in terms of getting back into the West Indies 50 overs and Twenty20 teams and that is the aim right now.

As an international player are you looking at the Super50 to dominate and impress the new West Indies coach, selectors and captain and force your way back into the national team ? Or just focusing on one game at a time in this tournament?

The ultimate aim is to try your best to dominate. But in trying to dominate there is a process which entails you take each game at a time, so definitely that’s what I’m looking to do.

You had the taste of captaincy before at Windies level. Based on that experience, what kind of leadership do you hope to deliver for Jamaica Scorpions in this tournament? 

As I said to the players it’s a championship year for the scorpions, it’s been a few seasons that the scorpions haven’t tasted victory whether it’s the Super50 or four-day.

So I’m definitely trying to use the resources that I have and making it a title winning year.

How beneficial to the Scorpions do you feel is having Jamaican domestic cricket legend Nikita Miller as part of teams staff ?

Nikita being part of the staff is very important. Nikita comes with a wide range of experience from international and regional cricket.

Nikita can only help us as a team, helping the players, bowlers coming up with plans  and as a management unit to set the right plans, so Nikita is only beneficial to us. 

Assessing the Scorpions team, as captain what do you feel are the teams strengths and what are the key things the team needs to do well in order to have a successful Super50 ? 

I think one of the things we have to do is play consistent cricket. We just can’t be excellent in one of two games but play good cricket over duration of competition.

As regards the strength of the team, I’m not sure what strength is because it’s such a balanced team. If the pitches in St.Kitts are fast we have good pace bowlers, if the pitches do spin, we have three (3) quality spinners in our unit and some other part time spinners.

Also we have very good looking middle order, which includes myself Andre McCarthy, Nkumah Bonner and Jermaine Blackwood, I think that is a good middle order.

Source: CWI Media

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