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Letter to Maroon Fans from Coach Daren Sammy

Letter to Maroon Fans from Coach Daren Sammy

Dear West Indies Fans,

Being able to address you as the Head Coach of the West Indies Men’s white ball team is something I’ll always cherish.

Having experienced the joys of playing, I saw how we came together as one when I was your captain. I know and believe we can achieve greater things. So I welcome you once again to be part of the Home Team as we face England in the upcoming series.

On the field, starting December 3rd, WI will be home to face England as part of the festive season, as we go through to December 21st. It always feels great to see the West Indies flags flying, hearing our music and seeing the dancing in the stands as we celebrate what is truly a unique way of watching the game in this part of the world.

Every match; no matter where we play, no matter who we play against; has the ability to create history and a lasting legacy. I know the feeling: we saw it in 2012 in Sri Lanka and we witnessed it again in 2016 in India.

I want to urge you to join your “Home” team and rally round the West Indies when WI come home to face England in December. Let’s fill the stands with our pride and joy; let’s paint the town Maroon and have a blessed Christmas Season on and off the field.

Yours truly,