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All Saints Primary crowned National Champions of Republic Bank ‘Five for Fun’ Cricket Programme in Guyana

All Saints Primary crowned National Champions of Republic Bank ‘Five for Fun’ Cricket Programme in Guyana

Republic bank guyana youth cricket

All Saints Primary crowned National Champions of Republic Bank ‘Five for Fun’ Cricket Programme in Guyana

St. Lawrence Primary (East Bank Essequibo) take second place; Enterprise Primary (East Coast Demerara) secure third spot

GEORGETOWN, Guyana – All Saints Primary have been crowned the National Champions of the 2023 edition of the Republic Bank Five for Fun Cricket programme, after close and intense competitive encounters with rival county finalist St Lawrence Primary from Essequibo and Enterprise Primary from Demerara. The three schools took to the playing field of the Police Force Sports Club Ground in Georgetown on Friday, 10 March, to compete in the Republic Bank Five for Fun Cricket National Festival Finals, in front of their school mates, family, well-wishers and stakeholders.

Among those present were: the Honourable Charles Ramson – Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport; representatives of the Ministry of Education; Mr. Stephen Grell – Managing Director of Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited; Mr. Bissoondyal Singh – Director of CWI and President of the Guyana Cricket Board; Dr. Ritesh Tularam – Deputy Chief Education Officer; Mr. Deleep Singh - Director of Cricket West Indies and Executive Member of the Guyana Cricket Board, Ms. Jonelle Dummett – Manager - Marketing & Communication of Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited; Ms. Denise Hobbs - General Manager – Operations of Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited and Mr. Kurt Braithwaite – Acting Administrator of the Unit of Allied Arts.

Also present were several former Guyana and West Indies players: Clyde Butts, Colin Stuart, Reon King, Leon Johnson and Steven Jacobs, who attended the finals to take-in action and support the junior cricket event.

The Republic Bank “Five for Fun” programme, created by Republic Bank and Cricket West Indies was launched in Guyana in 2022. “Five for Fun” is a new cricket format designed around the principles of fun, inclusion and equality, and is part of Cricket West Indies’ Future Stars Programme to drive grassroots participation and creating a pathway to international cricket.

The three teams competed in a round robin format, playing 2 games, with each game consisting of 10 overs, with each team batting for 5 overs. The overall champions were determined by the highest run score of their two combined matches. Based on the two matches played by each school, All Saints Primary emerged the champions with a combined total run score of 180, as St. Lawrence Primary and Enterprise Primary scored 178 and 171 respectively.

Republic bank guyana youth cricket

A formal closing ceremony and awards presentation followed the conclusion of the matches, which ensured that all players received programme participation certificates, in addition to medals and trophies for first, second and third place.

Managing Director of Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited - Stephen Grell commented:

‘Republic Bank is very aware that cricket flows through our veins as Caribbean people and is indigenous to our West Indian culture, especially here in Guyana. We are quite proud to be a part of this growing grassroots cricket initiative which has generated much interest over the past weeks and months, as we’ve witnessed passion, dedication and determination from over 1,000 boys and girls from 75 primary schools across Guyana’s three counties. This is a clear indication of the magnitude of the Five For Fun programme which seeks to drive participation with inclusivity and equality.”

Grell continued;

“We are particularly proud of the regional partnership between Republic Bank and Cricket West Indies, in collaboration with the Guyana Cricket Board, the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports who have all come together to ensure that the first Republic Bank Five For Fun in Guyana was executed to highest of standards. From the cricket skills on display here today it is obvious that the teams have been well prepared and trained, leading me to give a heartfelt thanks to all our coaches, teachers and parents across the country, who have made this cricket concept a reality, through your participation and commitment. As the 2023 Republic Bank Five for Fun programme has excelled and exceeded our expectations, we look forward to the 2024 edition to be bigger and better, to positively impact the sport and the development of our children. This has truly been a Big Win for Guyana and the game of cricket!”

CWI Director and GCB President, Bissoondyal Singh said:

Bissoondyal Singh

“This is indeed an important and positive restart to foundation cricket in Guyana, with exceptional participation numbers and stakeholder collaboration and assurance, which fits into the local and regional strategic cricket pathway development to ensure player progression. With over 1100 youth cricketers involved – both boys and girls, supported by over 45 committed coaches and coordinating staff, almost 1,600 coaching sessions completed, and over 390 soft ball cricket matches contested, leading up to this important moment that is the Republic Bank ‘Five for Fun’ Cricket National Festival Finals – we are extremely proud as CWI and the GCB, on what has been collectively accomplished in collaboration with our local private and government stakeholders, to reignite and support cricket in our primary schools across Guyana. CWI & GCB stand committed to this important grassroots programme in Guyana, and will work with all stakeholders to review and improve the programme, ensuring its expansion in 2024, and sustainability well into the future.”

Republic bank guyana cricket

The formal closing ceremony and awards presentation segment of the Republic Bank Five for Fun Cricket National Festival Finals was moderated by Mr. John Ramsingh, journalist and cricket enthusiast.