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Cricket West Indies Announces Upcoming Strategic Plan for 2024-2027: "The Long Run"

Cricket West Indies Announces Upcoming Strategic Plan for 2024-2027: "The Long Run"

ST. JOHN’S, Antigua - Cricket West Indies (CWI) is set to unveil its new four-year strategic plan for 2024-2027, titled "The Long Run". Recently presented to the Board of Directors during a board meeting in Antigua and discussed with shareholders at the Annual General Meeting, this strategic blueprint marks a pivotal juncture for the organization and West Indies cricket.

Reflecting on 2023 as a year of recovery and describing it as crucial in laying the groundwork for this ambitious plan, CWI Chief Executive Officer, Johnny Grave, provided insight stating,

"We are excited to present “The Long Run”, our strategic roadmap for the next four years. This plan sets a clear and ambitious path for CWI, focusing on strengthening our cricket system at all levels and maximizing our commercial value on the foundation of stable finances."

Grave underscored the importance of stakeholder involvement in shaping the organization's future direction.

"Having presented the strategic plan to our Board of Directors and shareholders, we are now preparing to circulate it for wider discourse. It is essential that our stakeholders not only understand but also actively engage with the strategic plan as we move forward into another four-year cycle."

“The Long Run” will outline key objectives and initiatives aimed at fostering growth, sustainability, and excellence in cricket. It will encompass measures to enhance governance, player development, grassroots programs, fan engagement, and commercial partnerships, aligning with CWI's overarching vision to elevate West Indies cricket in the region and on the global stage.

The strategic plan, developed internally, represents a collaborative effort by the CWI management team. It includes extensive consultations and valuable insights from staff and players. Business Planning Manager Lynford Inverary led the process, with input from the wider cricket stakeholders’ group.


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Notes to the Editor:

The Long Run – a strategic plan for elevating West Indies Cricket 2024-27

Six Strategic Pillars:

  • Cricket:

- Elite & High-Performance

- Cricket Development & Participation

- Facilities & Infrastructure

  • Finance & Fans:

- Commercial & Financial

- Fan Engagement & Global Visibility

  • Structure:

- Governance