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CWI President Dr. Kishore Shallow, Addresses the Outcome of AGM Governance Reform Resolutions

CWI President Dr. Kishore Shallow, Addresses the Outcome of AGM Governance Reform Resolutions

ST. JOHN’S, Antigua - In a pivotal moment at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Cricket West Indies (CWI) held in Antigua on Saturday 23 March 2023, President Dr. Kishore Shallow tabled a series of resolutions aimed at implementing governance reforms recommended by the Wehby Report. However, despite extensive consultations and deliberations, some of the resolutions failed to secure the absolute majority threshold required for passage.

President Shallow expressed optimism despite the setback, stating,

"While it is disappointing that some resolutions did not find favor with majority on this occasion, I remain committed to ensuring that CWI governance structure is always at its most robust. We will return to consultation with our shareholders to sensitize and advocate further for adopting modern corporate best practices."

The resolutions tabled were derived from the Wehby Report, a comprehensive document that followed a period of significant consultations within the cricketing community. President Shallow emphasized the importance of these reforms in advancing the integrity and effectiveness of CWI.

"We have engaged in thorough consultations and discussions to formulate these resolutions, all to strengthen the governance structure of CWI," remarked President Shallow. "It is imperative that we continue our efforts to enact these reforms for the betterment of West Indies cricket."

President Shallow affirmed his resolve to fostering positive change within CWI. He echoed,

"Our effort toward improvement on all fronts continues unabated. We will engage rigorously with our stakeholders, leveraging their insights and expertise to navigate this intricate process while re-examining CWI’s governance structure."

The AGM attained a full quorum with shareholders present from Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, Leeward Islands, Trinidad & Tobago, and Windward Islands.