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Want to know more about prohibited items or actions for the West indies vs India Series 2019 co-powered by Skoda ? How about the refund policies, and special offerings? WI got you covered. See the list of terms and conditions below. Don't forget to get your tickets here and see below for the match schedule.

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  1. This ticket is sold subject to the Terms and Conditions (“Conditions”) set out below and those on display at CWI ticket offices and on the CWI Website at Any person who makes use of, purchases or holds this Ticket (“the Holder”) shall be deemed to have agreed to all of the Conditions to which this Ticket is subject. The Holder, in agreeing to these Conditions, also agrees to be bound by the CWI Refund Policy. THE HOLDER MUST READ THESE CONDITIONS AND THE CWI REFUND POLICY CAREFULLY AND MUST NOT MAKE PAYMENT FOR, PURCHASE, HOLD OR USE THE TICKET OR ENTER (OR ATTEMPT TO ENTER) THE VENUE IF THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND AND AGREE WITH THESE CONDITIONS AND THE CWI TICKET REFUND POLICY. For the purposes of these Conditions, “making use of” the Ticket shall include accepting the Ticket from any person, presenting the Ticket to personnel outside the stadium, presenting the Ticket for entry to the stadium; offering or receiving the Ticket as a prize in a lottery or competition or via any other promotional means.
  2. Right of admission is reserved at the reasonable discretion of CWI. Where admission is refused or the Holder is evicted from the stadium and/or demarcated areas for a breach of these Conditions, a refund shall be paid only at the reasonable discretion of CWI.
  3. CWI reserves the right to search the Holder (including a search of his/her bags, clothes or other possessions) prior to entry into the stadium. Should the Holder refuse to be searched, CWI reserves the right to refuse admission or eject him/her from the stadium without refund.
  4. The Holder shall not engage in any form of ambush marketing and shall not conduct any activity that conflicts with, impairs, infringes or denigrates the right of Series sponsors. The Holder shall not be entitled in or around the Venue to conduct, carry out or cause to be conducted or carried out (i) unauthorised promotions, any advertising or marketing; or (iii) any unauthorised commercial activity. For the purposes of these Conditions, “ambush marketing” means the unauthorised use of the Ticket as a prize in a lottery or competition or for any other promotional, advertising or commercial purpose and/or an intentional activity by a person not authorised by CWI which (i) associates the person with the Series or (ii) exploits the publicity or goodwill of the Series or (iii) has the effect (in the reasonable opinion of CWI) of diminishing the status of Series sponsors or conferring on another person the status of a Series sponsor.
  5. The Holder shall not:-
    1. use, offer or apply the Ticket in an unauthorised manner as a prize or in any other manner in a lottery or competition or for any other promotional, advertising or commercial purpose,
    2. sell, donate, transfer or in any way dispose of the Ticket to any person/entity for the purpose of commercial gain nor sell the Ticket at a higher price than its face value; or
    3. purchase or obtain the Ticket from a person/entity who is not an authorised agent

For the purposes of these conditions, “commercial gain” includes, without limitation, the receipt or accrual of any benefit (whether financial, in kind or otherwise) obtained as a result of any sale, donation, transfer or disposal of the Ticket. The unauthorised use of the Ticket either alone or as part of a package of other services or products, the offer for sale, sale, donation, transfer or disposal of the Ticket in connection with or in association with any flight or other mode of travel; accommodation; hospitality; meal or beverage; any form of entertainment and/or any product, service or merchandise shall be considered to be for the purposes of commercial gain. Any breach of this condition shall render the Ticket void and the Holder shall lose the right to enter the Venue.

  1. The Holder shall not in the stadium (i) offer any goods or services (including, without limitation, newspapers, periodicals, drinks or food) for sale or (ii) distribute or give away or attempt to distribute or give away any free items or any political, religious, charitable, commercial, advertising or promotional material or other documents.
  2. No alcohol may brought into or taken out of the Venue.
  3. The Holder shall only be entitled to bring in 1 bag/carrier/rucksack no larger than 400x300x300 mm (15.7" by 11.8? by 11.8?) which must be able to fit under the seat.
  4. The Holder shall not:-
    1. enter the playing field, the players’ dressing room, players’ practice areas or other players’ areas without the consent of CWI
    2. seek entry to stands or seats for which the Holder does not hold a valid Ticket.
  5. CWI reserves the right to refuse admission or eject from the Venue any Holder who, in the reasonable opinion of CWI:-
    1. is in breach of these conditions
    2. may (i) unreasonably obstruct the viewing of other spectators and/or (ii) be disruptive, obstructive, quarrellous or a source of danger, nuisance or annoyance or otherwise give rise to concerns in relation to the safety and security arrangements for the match detailed on the face of the ticket ("Match"). (This includes behaving in a racially inflammatory, abusive or offensive manner; excessive noise; the use of foul, obscene, abusive or racist language; the wearing or other display of commercial, political or offensive signage or logos; the throwing of any object that might injure or cause damage to people or property; or engaging in any conduct with, acting towards, or speaking to any player, umpire, referee or other official or other person in a manner which offends, insults, humiliates, intimidates, threatens, disparages or vilifies that other person on the basis of that other person’s race, religion, colour, descent or national or ethnic origin);
    3. fails to comply with instructions from a police officer or security officer
    4. is in possession of (i) any article that may be used or may be expected to be used as a weapon or missile or that is deemed or considered by CWI to be dangerous (which includes any firearm, knife, explosive, firework, flare, incendiary device, mace, or any bottle (excluding perfume bottles), glass, can or tin); (ii) any other objects or items which may be deemed by CWI to be offensive, disruptive, dangerous or likely to infringe any party’s rights or any party’s safety or security.
  6. The Holder shall not, except for personal non-commercial purposes, make or use, broadcast, narrowcast, telecast, transmit, publish, disseminate, reproduce or circulate by any means (including without limitation, utilising television, radio, satellite, the internet, or any wireless service), any recordings, audio, video, photograph, text, data, images, statistics, results, commentary or any other information relating to the Match. All copyright of any of the aforementioned materials is acknowledged as belonging to CWI.
  7. CWI shall not be liable for the theft, loss or damage of any property of the Holder.
  8. CWI reserves the right to make alteration to the times, dates and venues of Events or to substitute the seat or area to which the ticket refers with another at its reasonable discretion. CWI does not guarantee that the holder will have an uninterrupted and/or uninhibited view of the Event from the seat provided.
  9. CWI does not make any guarantee with regard to play taking place or as to the quality of any Match.
  10. All tickets are non refundable and non exchangeable, except as defined below in the Refund Policy.

Refund Policy

a) If a day’s play is limited as a result of rain or other act beyond the control of the CWI, the CWI will refund the face value of tickets purchased as follows

(i) If 10 overs or less is bowled in any one day: 100% refund

(ii) In excess of 10 overs but less than 20 overs bowled in any one day: 50% refund

(iii) If 20 overs or more are bowled in any one day: no refund

(iv) For Twenty20 International matches: (i) 5 overs or less bowled: 100% refund (ii) in excess of 5 overs but less than 10 overs bowled: 50% refund (iii) in excess of 10 overs bowled (i.e. 10 overs or more): no refund

b) The above does not apply to: (1) a match that is completed early in the normal course of play; or (2) where a reserve day for play has been allocated or a match is rescheduled and this ticket is valid for such reserve day or rescheduled game.

c) To receive a refund, the retained portion of the ticket stub must be presented and surrendered to a ticket office authorised by the CWI within ten (10) working days after the completion of the game for which the refund is being sought. Refunds will be made only for tickets purchased from CWI ticket offices. Under no other circumstances will refunds be given.

d) Refunds shall only be made to the person whose name appears on the ticket.

Party Stand Refunds Only the Cricket Component of the Party Stand ticket will be refunded in accordance with the CWI Refund Policy. Specific information on this is available upon request through the local Ticket Office.

Prohibited Items

  • Firearms, weapons, knives and imitation weapons
  • Fireworks, explosives, flammable items*
  • Mace/ gas containers*
  • Glass bottles or containers*/**
  • Alcohol**
  • Illegal drugs or narcotics
  • Cans (soft drinks and alcohol)**
  • Animals (except guide dogs)
  • Air horns/ blow horns/Vuvuzelas
  • Tripods for cameras
  • Video cameras or camcorders
  • The Management reserves the right to refuse entry to any person carrying or
  • wearing any other items or substances that may be deemed to be offensive,
  • Disruptive, dangerous or likely to infringe any partys rights or any partys safety
  • or security or any dangerous article or substance not referred to above.

* Items marked with a single asterisk do have certain exceptions see authorised list below

** Items marked with a double asterisk may be permitted in the case of Event match-days hosted by the CWI.

Authorised (Restricted) Items

  • Personal (folding) umbrellas
  • Cooler bags/ boxes (must be able to fit under the seat)
  • Own foodstuff (with plastic cutlery)
  • Soft drinks/ water in plastic bottles
  • Flasks
  • Cameras for recreational and personal non-commercial use only
  • Balls, bats
  • Flags and banners provided that, in the opinion of the Management they are not vulgar, political, racial, discriminatory, sexual in nature, or display advertising which may in any way impinge or will be in conflict with the rights of the partners/sponsors/suppliers/vendors of the event (in any language) or deemed to be offensive or impact on the view of other spectators.
  • Any sticks may not protrude more than a hands breadth below the flag
  • Small radios, CD/ DVD/MP3 players
  • Glass containers: Perfume, prescription medication or insect repellent bottles only
  • Aerosol deodorant, medication or insect repellent only
  • Cigarette lighters/ matches

Special Notes

  • Children 12 and under free in all venues with the purchase of an adult ticket. Adults must redeem their child tickets (max 2 per purchased tickets). 12 and under only applies to the mounds and WI Zone in Lauderhill. Children tickets are applicable in all opened stands in all remaining venues. Children will not be allowed in the grounds without a ticket.
  • Seniors 60+ free while stocks last with the presentation of a national ID. Senior tickets are not applicable in Lauderhill
  • Gates open 2 hours before the start of the match.
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