IPL Player Contracts & Issues


We have been receiving many complaints from Various quarters in regard to Many teams signing Player contracts specially with young and New Players at terms and conditions being drafted by each Team themselves.
Please understand that is against the contracts and basis which we have awarded you the Franchise. Only Player contracts approved and circulated by us a template can be used. No other contracts will be considered by us to valid. Therefore we want all Teams to ensure that they have only used the Template which is with you and if you have another one that you may have used - Please ensure the same is changed and the Players sign the existing Template asap. What you may change in the template is issues like Price and Term only for Development and Local Players. But all other conditions of the Player contract cannot be changed.
Some of you have signed MOU's again this needs to be in the form of ONLY our player contracts. So please convert them. Further some of you have added clauses like :“you shall not play cricket or engage in any other sport or sporting activities for any other team, club or organization whether in India or elsewhere in the world without our prior written consent”. 
“you shall not take up any other employment or be engaged or involved in any trade, business or occupation or participate professionally in any other sporting or athletic activities anywhere in the world without our prior written consent or declare it to the franchisee in writing prior to signing this MOU”.
The above clauses tantamount to breach of our understanding under our franchisee agreement.
It is also seen that these contracts or MOUs by you paying or agreeing to pay amounts of approximately Indian rupees two lacs per year, are binding these players for periods of three years wherein they virtually cannot move into any other team nor can they move into any other business or occupation which we think is almost tantamount to bonded labour when there is not even a guarantee that any of these players will ever play in the playing Eleven of the franchisee. We did not allow you to take new development Players so that they could be taken advantage off. In the end we as the BCCI will have to pay the price. Thus it is not allowed.
Further the situation has become more alarming day by day where we have already announced in the past and we are once again reinforcing that agents or you may call them “Scouts”,  a term more appropriate to the present scenario, are running across the country and doing this they say on one of your behalf s. We do not allow or recognise agents and scouts to have anything to with us in BCCI and IPL. For further Clarity if any boy has signed an contract with an Agent or scout and that agent and scout is shopping him around to one or more of you - Those contracts stand NULL and VOID and will not be recognised by either IPL and BCCI. So please sign anyone you want directly and20without an agent. We will be announcing this thru a Press release to ensure that this message filters down to all the boys looking at joining IPL now or in the Future. Further apart from agent commissions paid at the time of the first auction for Intl Players - we had discontinued the same down the line and same had been communicated to you all. It is the Policy of the IPL that it does not recognise Agents and we had advised you all to stop using agents in hiring new players. But we understand that same still continues directly or indirectly. This is again having a major problem with many Cricket Boards around the World. Where agents are advising there Players to rebel and not sign central contracts with there boards and thereby hold them to ransom and this has a detrimental effect on Global Cricket.

And on the other hand advising there players to Play IPL at the cost of the INTL ftp. This is absolutely against the fundamental structure of the League and the basis of the vision we have set up for ourselves. IPL was set up to enhance cricket and provide more opportunities but not to take away from INTL Cricket. We need your active support in this and we need you to ensure that no one defaults on there international commitments. That is the reason we have allowed you 10 international Players whilst only 4 can Play at any one time. This again is one of the fundamental principals we built this league. NO DEVIATION WILL BE ALLOWED  IN THIS CASE. To overcome this problem the Governing council has changed the rules for Players participating in an IPL tournament. The New rule is that any Player who has been contracted by any board or its clubs, counties, provinces, or State anywhere in the world - will. Require that player even if he is no longer contracted with that board - to produce a NOC for a period of Two years henceforth. So if a player retires he as per our old rule still needs an NOC for two years. This was to prevent early retirement. Now if he does not sign his central contract then that is his choice - but for IPL purposes he will still need an NOC from his Home board. Further we have informed all the boards that if a Player does not Play for his country in an approved ftp tournament if chosen and insists on playing IPL at that cost - we will not allow that player to participate in the IPL. We will do whatever is necessary to protect the integrity of the ftp.  Therefore we would like you all to see the ftp and ensure you do not include anyone who may have a ftp commitment unless he has an written NOC in the Squad as that will result in his being disqualified. This again is going to be part of our tournament rules.
To overcome agents and scouts issue - we will henceforth be auditing all Player contracts to ensure that no agents are paid directly or indirectly by any teams. Any deviation from this will result in a serious breach of contract between us. 
We expect that 100% of all contracts signed to date with 100% of all Players whether auctioned, Domestic, replacement, development etc are tabled with us on the 26th of Aug 2009 at our meeting in Mumbai at the Lands end. Please ask your management Team to please provide all the contracts Hard copies and 1 set of all contracts in scanned soft copy to us. We will collect this prior to start of our meeting on the 26th.
We will be on that date updating the Player Registry and will on the 27th be Publishing the Registered Players List with us. Post the 26th if the same is not supplied - as we believe these should all be with you already we will not be able to register the said Players as part of your Team.
Just to ensure that this message reaches one and all we are immediately also releasing this to the Press.
This comes into force with immediate effect. I have marked a copy of this to all boards and we advise they pass the same to all there players immediately. Please feel to seek any queries directly with me. If players have an issue they can also directly email me. Any player who needs to see the IPL player contract can download the same from our website. We will be uploading the same immediately.   
Looking forward to seeing you all on the 26th Aug.  

Warm regards
Lalit Modi
Chairman and Commissioner IPL.