TCL Group WI U-19 players encouraged to keep their eyes on the prize

GEORGETOWN,Guyana -- Members of the TCL Group West Indies Under 19 cricket team, who are presently preparing for the WICB Regional One Day Championships, were today encouraged to keep their eyes on the prize during a motivational session hosted by the TCL Group in Georgetown, Guyana.

Speaking to the youngsters, Motivational Speaker, Dr. Marlon Hestick, said, “You have already won. You survived the worst circumstances yet in Caribbean society where men have been under real pressure to do well. However in sport, especially cricket; young men continue to pursue excellence, believing beyond the difficult current circumstances, you will have a great future. Cricketers are powerful people in the Caribbean.”

In acknowledging that the young men have already secured a great achievement, they were advised to remain focused on success. “Your presence here is a celebration of talent, application, performance and importantly the endorsement by the wider community of your potential. Potential is a key word. It is related to purpose and is a God-given talent that is in you, that has to be cultivated. While you have already succeeded in reaching this level, ultimate success is ahead of you,” Dr. Hestick said.
TCL Group WI U-19 Middle-order batsman, Andre Creary thanked Dr. Hestick for his inspiration and assured him and the host of the motivational session, TCL Group, that “the players will definitely remember the words of encouragement and guidance not only during the upcoming games but through-out their cricketing career.”

Dr. Marlon Hestick is President of the Wesleyan Bible College and has over twenty five years of experience in counseling and coaching young people in youth camps and conferences in Guyana, across the Caribbean and United States.

The TCL Group West Indies Under 19 team will go against Barbados on Wednesday, October 28 at the Bourda Cricket Ground in Round 1 of the tournament. The team will then face the Leeward Islands in Round 2 at the Providence Stadium on October 30. Round 3 is set for October 31 at Bourda where the boys will play Guyana.