CASTRIES, St. Lucia -- If you love cricket and a great party and you’re under age 16 come next May, then you’re in for a super treat!

Organisers of the upcoming ICC World Twenty20 West Indies 2010 tournament have reserved ten (10) per cent of public seating per match day for Under-16 fans, affording youth the opportunity to see some of international cricket’s most exciting players in action.

In some instances, the ten per cent quota will see young fans being able to get tickets free while it will mean discounted ticket prices for other matches. However, once the ten per cent quota for each match is filled, then Under-16 fans will have to pay the regular ticket price for the given match day.

For example, the discounted quota price for Super Eight matches in St. Lucia is US$6 for Under-16 fans. However, once those tickets have been sold, Under-16s must pay either US$15 for a ticket in the stands or US$8 for the grounds. In Guyana, there is a ‘free’ ten per cent quota for First Round games for Under-16s. Once that’s exhausted, the prices are US$10 for stands and US$5 for grounds.

“We want to attract a youthful audience and encourage families to attend these matches and this incentive is geared towards those objectives,” explained ICC WT20 West Indies 2010 Tournament Director, Mr. Robert Bryan.

“When you consider there is no discounted ticket price for children during the annual West Indies Home Series, this is truly a special offer and we expect to see fans – in the Caribbean and maybe even worldwide – snatching up these tickets for their kids.”

Noting that the policy will be administered on a “first come, first served basis”, he explained that adults can request ‘free’ Under-16 tickets once they buy at least one ticket for the match day for which they are requesting the Under-16 tickets. However, their total allocation per match day can still only be a maximum of four tickets. Therefore, one adult can get a maximum of three ‘free’ Under-16 tickets per match day.  

“Since only adults – a person over the age of 18 – can buy tickets, this policy encourages families to come together as parents or guardians would have to get the free Under-16 tickets for children,” said Mr. Bryan.

“The matches which have discounted Under-16 prices don’t require the purchase of a regular-priced ticket but, again, an adult would have to buy the Under-16 tickets. We could find a situation where children wanting to go to matches may be the catalyst for getting more parents and other older relatives to attend.”

The Tournament Director pointed out that Under-16s may have ‘seated’ or ‘grounds’ tickets. The choice ticket location for ‘free’ Under-16s must be the same as the ticket location for the adult in the group.

Children utilising Under-16 tickets must be under age 16 on the day of the said match. Tournament officials reserve the right to ask for identification on match days.

Host Venue
Under 16  - 10% quota Price (US$)
First Round -- Free
Super Eight -- $6
Final -- $10
First Round -- Free
St. Lucia
First Round -- Free
Super Eight -- $6
Semi Finals -- $6
St. Kitts -- Free (no quota)