WICB issues clarifications to WIPA press release

In response to several media queries the WICB issues the following clarifications to two points raised in a WIPA press release issued on Wednesday August 11th.

WIPA press release: “The WICB has announced that it intends to retain one third of the participation fee of 500K. WIPA is unaware of any other Board retaining any part of the Participation Fee. WIPA is of the view that retaining such a large sum could have a direct negative impact on Guyanese cricket and its players. In fact, WIPA understands that no monies were deducted from the TTCB for last year’s participation.”

WICB clarification: In 2009 the WICB did not stage a regional Twenty20 Tournament and thus did not incur any costs associated with the staging of such a tournament. As a result the WICB did not retain any percentage of the CLT20 Participation Fee and it was passed on in full to the TTCB. This year the WICB did stage the Caribbean T20 Tournament at a cost of just over US$2million and the cumulated sponsorships for the tournament did not come close to covering the costs of staging the tournament. The WICB therefore staged the Caribbean T20 Tournament at a loss and thus the decision was taken to retain one third of the Participation Fee to assist in off-setting these costs.

WICB reiterates that the significantly larger portion of the Participation Fee – two thirds – will be passed on to the Guyana Cricket Board. The Participation Fee is paid by CLT20 to the WICB for nominating a team from the West Indies to participate in the Airtel Champions League.

The WICB has a record of publishing audited annual financial statements and when this is next done all monies received for sponsorships will be included as is the usual practice.

WIPA press release: “The WICB has further stated that neither it nor the GCB can negotiate the use of the players’ image rights and that negotiations should take place directly with the CLT20. WIPA doubts that this can be correct because the WICB is obligated under the Team Participation Agreement to procure use of the Players Attributes to ensure the full and successful exploitation of the commercial rights.”

WICB clarification: The WICB once again clarifies that the Guyana players have already signed the CLT20 Squad Terms. The Squad Terms, among other things, allow CLT20 to use the players’ images in relation to the tournament.

With regard to the WICB being involved in the process for ICC tournaments this is simply because the team involved in the ICC tournaments is the West Indies Cricket Team for which the WICB has direct responsibilities. With regard to the Airtel Champions League it is the GCB which has direct responsibilities for the Guyana Cricket Team, not the WICB.

Further, if WIPA (as agent for WIPMACOL) wishes to engage in any discussions or negotiations with regard to compensation for use of players’ image rights – taking into consideration that the Guyana players have already agreed to their image rights being utilized by CLT20 by signing the Squad Terms – then WIPA must take this issue up with CLT20 directly, not the GCB nor the WICB. The WICB reiterates once again that it is neither the WICB nor the GCB which is utilizing the players’ image rights in relation to the Airtel Champions League.