WICB & Scotiabank launch search for new Kiddy Cricket mascot

St John's Antigua - The West Indies Cricket Board and Scotiabank have officially announced the search for a new Kiddy Cricket Mascot.

Both entities have launched a joint regional ‘Kiddy Cricket Design a Mascot Competition’; inviting children ages 7-12 years old to enter designs for the new mascot.

The winning design will replace Clarence the Crab, the existing mascot which has been the animated face of the Kiddy Cricket Programme since in 1998. He has been appearing on and off the fields of play during Kiddy Cricket displays for the WICB Home Series Regionally.

He was also the main feature of the programme’s classroom teaching aid “Clarence Goes to School”, used at the primary level regionally which covered several academic subjects such as Language Arts, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, etc., taught in a cricketing context.

The competition runs from January 1, 2011 through to February 18, 2011 and will primarily target all Kiddy Cricket schools across 14 Caribbean territories. However, students outside of these schools are also invited to enter. Entries will be judged on originality, reflection of the Caribbean, use of colours (kids friendly and use of sponsors colours) and use of cricket imagery.

The Mascot Competition will operate on a Territorial Level to encourage more local participation & end with a regional judging of the 1st place winners from each participating territory. The judging panel on each territorial level will comprise of the Territorial Development Officers and members of the Scotiabank team in that country. WICB & Scotiabank Regional will sit on the judging panel at the Regional Level Competition.

Attractive prizes are being offered to the 14 national winners, from participating territories in the region. These will include 1st prize, a Nintendo DS, 2nd prize, an mp 3 player and 3rd prize being Scotiabank branded items at the territorial level. The winner selected as the regional will take home a laptop computer. 

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