WICB appeals to media to seek credible sources of info

St John’s, Antigua– The WICB has become aware that reputable media organizations have published and broadcast a story about Ramnaresh Sarwan which did not emanate either from the WICB or from the ICC and can only be sourced to an anonymous blog.

Any and all issues relating to anti-corruption in international cricket are managed by the ICC Anti Corruption and Security Unit, which briefs players directly and informs the players’ Board as necessary on the status of any investigations.

The Board will continue to maintain its practice of not responding to accusations, stories, rumours and mischief as it pertains to any anti-corruption issue relating to any player.

The WICB views rumour mongering on anti-corruption or on any cricket related matter as irresponsible and reprehensible.

The WICB appeals to established and reputable media organizations to maintain professionalism in the execution of their mandate and to seek credible sources of information.

The West Indies Cricket Board re-iterates its zero tolerance policy towards anti-corruption in all forms of cricket.