WICB expresses confidence in medical personnel and injury management processes

St John’s, AntiguaFollowing widely reported public comments from Chris Gayle and Jerome Taylor pertaining to injuries sustained by them and their treatment and care the WICB reviewed all systems and protocols pertaining to injury management of players.

Following the internal review the WICB is satisfied that its medical personnel acted with the highest levels of professionalism and integrity in the treatment and care offered to Chris and Jerome.

Given the sensitive medical nature of injuries it is not the practice of the WICB to disclose details about player injuries and the management of same.

However the public comments by the two players have left the WICB with no option but to address the issue in greater detail than has been done in the past.

The widely reported comments by Gayle and Taylor have created the public impression that the WICB offered no care or support and did not monitor these players’ injuries.

Regrettably the facts are not consistent with the comments made by the players.

Below are documents which outline the details of the correspondence and communications between the WICB medical personnel and the respective players.

The WICB reiterates that, as was the case with Gayle, Taylor and numerous other players, it offers top class medical management to all of its players.

As is their mandate, WICB appointed medical personnel have responded diligently to directly provide or to facilitate treatment to players’ injuries – whether within or outside of the West Indies and have consistently monitored the players throughout the process.

All players have had rehabilitation programmes personalized and sent to them by the WICB physiotherapist, and arrangements to see local medical specialists in their respective countries have been arranged.

All bills received by the WICB which pertain to the two players’ rehabilitation have been paid by the WICB.

Players who suffer injuries can only be considered for selection after having been given the necessary clearance by their attendant medical personnel.

In the two cases noted above the players unilaterally decided to resume playing before receiving final clearance from the WICB appointed therapists.

In the case of Taylor, he had not kept physiotherapy appointments for weeks prior to his deciding to resume playing.

The WICB wishes to make it clear that:

  1. WICB appointed medical personnel remain in contact with players during the rehabilitation process
  2. Players who suffer injuries can only be considered for selection after having been given the necessary clearance by their attendant medical personnel

The Board has also noted various comments made by Shivnarine Chanderpaul in a radio interview. As a centrally contracted player the Board will address this matter through contractual provisions at the appropriate time.

The WICB finds it most regrettable that players are being used to further long-standing disputes  but trusts that the public will give due credence to substantiated facts such as is below and treat with untruths in an appropriate manner.

Timeline of Communication / Events                   Chris GAYLE




Mar 7 2011

Chris sustains abdominal muscle strain Injury management commenced immediately.

Mar 9 2011

West Indies Team Management arrange for Chris to consult a renowned Orthopaedic Specialist, and a Gastrointestinal Specialist in Chandigarh, India.  Recommendation for normal physiotherapy management given, implemented and continues for entirety of World Cup period to allow player to recover. Updates sent to Dr Akshai Mansingh.

Mar 11 2011

Improvement in physical function and symptoms but Chris is rested as a precaution against Ireland. 

Mar 15 2011

Second opinion sought with Head of Orthopaedics in Chennai, India.  Updates sent to Dr Mansingh.

Mar 17, 2011

Chris plays in important match v England. Chris’ pre-match fitness testing suggests omission is best measure, but Chris adamant to play.  Given additional pain relief medication, but declines injection option.  Chris performs well with no significant limitation from injury.

Mar 20, 2011

Chris rested from final qualifying match v India as team had qualified for WC quarter finals.  Discussion with Chris regarding post-tour injury management.  Chris informed of necessity for medical review and arrangements made for review by Dr. Mansingh in Jamaica upon return (see notes below)

Mar 22, 2011

Further discussion with Chris re: post-tour management.  Chris expressed desire to consult with specialist in UK unknown to any of the WICB medical panel.  Email sent to WICB requesting permission for this.  Contact made with English Cricket Board doctor to verify qualifications of this professional.

Mar 23, 2011

Contact made with English Cricket Board doctor to verify qualifications of this professional by Dr Mansingh.  History discussed and permission granted for Chris to alter flight arrangements to consult with professional of his choice. 

Mar 25, 2011

Chris consults specialist in UK. Communication between Dr Mansingh and UK specialist regarding injury management and required treatment.

Mar 26 2011

Chris has scan and further medical review.  Surgery not required, conservative treatment ordered

Mar 26 2011

Dr Mansingh communicates via email to physiotherapist in Jamaica regarding need for therapy upon Chris’ return.  Indicates that 2-3 weeks of recovery and rehabilitation required before considering a return to training.  Further fitness assessment would be required thereafter before considering a resumption of competition.  Written reports submitted to WICB, Jamaican physiotherapist by Dr Mansingh.  Chris requested to consult with Dr  Mansingh for medical review before resumption of training following physiotherapy management.

Mar 29, 2011

Communication with Chris by WICB physiotherapist regarding seeking physiotherapist treatment. Chris had not sought treatment so he was informed to contact Jamaican Physiotherapist to begin treatment (see communication below)

Mar 30, 2011

Chris begins first of 10 treatment sessions. Communication between local therapist and WI Team Physio regarding progress throughout treatment period.

Apr 14, 2011

Chris finishes 10th session, requested to begin running program as next phase of treatment, and to begin sport specific training with Jamaican trainer / JCA.  Plan at this stage was for Chris  to begin training in nets, and have fitness test before selection into WI ODI or Test squad depending on progress of rehabilitation

April 17-18

Chris departs for India. Has not had required medical review, nor did he complete rehabilitation program and physiotherapy review as required, neither did he complete fitness testing prior to competition resumption.  Official report sent by Jamaican Physiotherapist to WICB.

April 21, 2011

Gayle makes comments on KLAS radio interview.

- “Board had not checked on his rehabilitation from injury after the World Cup”

- “A group of players were selected for a training camp in Barbados, and I never got a call,

    nobody spoke to me, and I decided to leave it alone”

- “no one from the WICB had contacted him before the squads had been named”

- "The only communication I have had with anyone connected with the WICB was when I sent

    a text message to (team physio) CJ Clark, and gave him an update about how I was doing. 

    I told him I was feeling good, the progress I was making; I was running, I was in the gym,

    and working. His only response was that he would send a fitness programme, which I did

    not receive until the IPL offer had presented itself."

- “I was injured and no one bothered ... haven't I done enough (for the West Indies)? I have

   given my all and if that is not enough, what is? They left me to fend on my own and I have





MAR  24

MAR 24

CJ *AU* : Thanks cramps (Gayle’s nickname), please get doc to email me report and his ideas...

CJ *AU* : Good luck mate, hopefully they find something without the need for operation

Chris Gayle: Kool

MAR 29

CJ *AU* : Hi mate, are you on bbm?

Chris Gayle: What happen?

CJ *AU* : Not much, just chasing some update from you... Have seen reports from doc mansingh

Chris Gayle: Ask Ernest for update he got it.

CJ *AU* : I got that, just wanted to know ur thoughts

Chris Gayle: My thoughts is to get better!

CJ *AU* : Is it?

CJ *AU* : Is it getting better?

Chris Gayle: What the report said u got?


CJ *AU* : Are you happy with that?

Chris Gayle: Will be making arrangement wit physio

CJ *AU* : Karen is waiting, when you back?

Chris Gayle: I'm back

CJ *AU* : So when you making the call?

Chris Gayle: Now

CJ *AU* : Well that's great, just get karen to bbm me when your there

CJ *AU* : Thanks

Chris Gayle: Kool


CJ *AU* : How are you going mate? What your progress like?

Chris Gayle: Good progress,yesterday very light jog to feel how it is,it felt ok wasn't long jog thou

Chris Gayle: Been doin abs gettin treatment strenght work

Chris Gayle: Pressing sticking still there...but I can do normal things thou.

CJ *AU* : Ok tjhat sounds good. Thing with these type of injuries is it will take some time. Keep working on the strength exercises

CJ *AU* : All movements... Have you got access to the cable pulley machine?

Chris Gayle: gym got pretty much ever thing

CJ *AU* : Do you remember the cable exercises I showed you in Delhi?

CJ *AU* : Need a lot of functional leg training exercises from this point on

CJ *AU* : Specifically around the hip and groin

Chris Gayle: Yea I know what u talking

CJ *AU* : Ok, start with those exercises when karen says ur free to... Start with very light weight on cable, higher rep count 15-20x,  2-3 sets

CJ *AU* : Will send a program to karen

Chris Gayle: K


Timeline of Communication / Events                    Jerome TAYLOR





Nov 26 2009

Jerome sustains injury to spine and left hip during Brisbane Test Match v Australia.  Jerome forced to depart from tour with injury, for rehabilitation in the Caribbean.

Dec 2009 – April 2010

Jerome undergoes rehabilitation with Jamaican Physiotherapist, sport specific return to training as directed by WI team physiotherapist CJ Clarke with local trainers and gradually returned to bowling program directed by JCA Technical Director, Ottis Gibson (WI Head Coach) and WI Team Physio CJ Clark.

April 2010

Jerome’s progress is reviewed by WI Team Physio during Jamaica Cricket Festival, with physiotherapy assessment and a complete battery of physical fitness tests.  Good signs of progress were shown, hopeful for return to T20 competition for ICC World T20 or Digicel Series West Indies v South Africa. Jerome not suitably fit for selection for ODIs or Tests at this stage because had only been bowling 4-5 over spells.

May 2010

Jerome rejoins squad for ICC World T20. Jerome’s participation in early matches limited by a shoulder injury sustained during a net session. Jerome misses warm up matches and 1st and 2nd T20 matches, but resumes competition to complete ICC World Twenty20.

Mid May 2010

Following ICC World Twenty20, discussion held between team management and selectors whether to include Jerome for the T20 and ODI squad v South Africa in Digicel Series 2010.  Good progress thus far indicated that it was right time to progress Jerome’s bowling load.  Jerome was included in both squads, but was not available for selection for Test matches due to the recent restriction of bowling load.

May 22, 2010

Jerome participates in Digicel ODI series v South Africa and is monitored throughout. Third Digicel ODI: significant ankle pain from chronic condition, (required intensive treatment and strapping allowing him to resume play in Fourth and Fifth Digicel ODIs). During his final spell of Fifth Digicel ODI, Jerome sustains injury to spine symptomatic of injury sustained in November 2009. Jerome is sent home to Jamaica to have medical review by Dr. A Mansingh. Diagnosis is not as severe as previous injury, only requiring active treatment and rest from bowling.  A return to competition was estimated at 2-3 months, but it did preclude Jerome from the longer form of the game for the next 6-8 months.

June 4 - 5 2010

Discussion with Chairman of Selectors that Jerome would be out of longer format of game for a significant time, and that selection for Test Cricket thereafter should only be considered when Jerome completed a full season of Regional 4 Day cricket without injury.  Resumption of shorter formats would depend on progress of injury. Jerome sent back to Jamaica for ongoing medical management, rehabilitation and return to sport functional fitness training with local board assistance. Jerome is given a detailed rehabilitation program by WI Team Physio but no acknowledgement is ever made.

June 2010

Jerome misses several scheduled appointments with Dr. Mansingh. Ultimately a meeting with the JCA Technical director of coaching and the strength and conditioning trainer is held with Jerome.

October 2010

Jerome resumes preparations for regional ODI squad.  Jerome is not selected for West Indies team fitness assessment held in Barbados due to injury status. Jerome does not play in any regional ODI match.Fitness test is done (specific to his recovery) and Jerome is advised to travel to Kingston for physiotherapy a few days at a time.

Oct 2010-

Jan 2011

Jerome continues rehabilitation at regional level.

Jan 2011

Jerome begins preparations for Regional 4 Day Tournament once declared fit by Dr. Mansingh, Jamaican Physiotherapist and JCA Trainer

Feb 4, 2011

Jerome resumes competition in Regional 4 Day Tournament

Feb 25 –

May 14, 2011

Jerome attends to a family bereavement. Period of reduced bowling load.

Mar 20, 2011

Jerome returns for Regional 4 Day match v Trinidad and sustains injury and is sent to Jamaica for medical assessment with Dr. Mansingh. Because of the recurrent nature of his injury Jerome is requested to stay in Kingston for period of extended treatment, but says he is unable to and prefers to go to his personal physiotherapist.  Jerome is asked to contact Dr. Mansingh when he attends the physiotherapist in his home region (in rural Jamaica) to enable communication of injury history.  No contact is ever made by Jerome. WICB Director of Cricket Tony Howard requests report from regional staff re injury to player. (Dr. Mansingh had travelled overseas so Jerome is to be reviewed by Jamaican physiotherapist)

Mar 23 & 26 2011

Jerome reports to Jamaican Physiotherapist for physiotherapy treatment during matches against Trinidad and England Lions. Jerome has only 2 sessions of therapy and then seeks treatment from his own therapists. Jerome does not attend further therapy sessions with the Jamaican physio, and has ongoing injury concerns at time of last treatment session. Report sent to JCA by Dr. Mansingh asking for ongoing rehab in Kingston, Jamaican physio report is sent to Dr. Mansingh.

Mar 24, 2011

Dr. Mansingh reviews Jerome at cricket match venue. Jerome shows improvement in symptoms and physical function but availability for Regional 4 Day semifinal is questionable and does not eventuate. A further review session with Jamaican phsyio was scheduled, but Jerome failed to attend or to contact therapist to give reason for non-attendance.

Early Apr 2011

Dr. Mansingh (back in Jamaica from overseas trip) schedules an assessment session with Jerome Jerome does not attend a scheduled assessment with the Jamaican physio or medical review with Dr. Mansingh. Jerome departs to India without completion of rehabilitation, medical assessment or approval.  Dr. Mansingh contacts Jerome whilst in IPL and requests player to provide contact details of IPL therapist but Jerome did not do so. Jerome complained of ongoing pain albeit much less than previously, and discomfort with longer spells of bowling which he could not manage at the time.  He eventually played in the IPL.

May 8 2011





Jerome makes statements in Media Interview

  • “West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) did not contact him about the injury until he arrived in India to play for the Pune Warriors.
  • “he was told his back injury sustained during the domestic first-class competition in the Caribbean earlier this year "was nothing to keep me out for too long." This assessment, Taylor said, came from Dr. Akshai Mansingh, part of the WICB medical panel, whom he was sent to meet during the tournament”
  • "I had asked the WICB for an NOC due to the fact that I wasn't a contracted player with the WICB. I was in a preparation camp for the Four Day tournament and didn't get selected in the 30-man preliminary squad for the World Cup, which none of the selectors said anything to me about even though I was fit enough to be preparing for the first-class competition.
  • "But no one contacted me about my injury before I came here," Taylor said. It was only after he reached India, he added, that he'd been contacted by the board about his fitness.


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