Ken Gordon letter to WIPA re Ramnarine's conduct & behaviour

Below is a letter sent by the then WICB President, Mr. Kenneth Gordon to Ramnarine, on July 16, 2007. The letter is in response to a letter written by Mr. Ramnarine and another purporting to be from the West Indies players, which were featured in the media on July 15, 2007. Dear Mr. Ramnarine, This will acknowledge receipt of your letter of July 12th re the management style of our CEO. Having discussed with Mr. Aanensen the alleged examples of "negative management style" about which you complain, and heard his explanations, I am satisfied that there is no justification to your charges. Nonetheless, it is desirable that I convey my own response to your complaint. It is of the utmost importance that organizations like WIPA and WICB should work closely together. That was one of my principal objectives when I assumed the Presidency and as I think you are aware, I invested a considerable amount of time in attempting to build a relationship. I have not succeeded and perhaps there is something more that I might have done which I did not do... if so I continue to ponder what that might have been. On the other hand I have heard your bitter complaints about the WICB and all it's officials: The Board is totally incompetent; the former President was inaccessible; the former CEO could not be trusted; the CFO is inefficient; the Corporate Secretary is dishonest and you refuse to communicate with him even on official business, causing complications in the communication flow between our organizations for which you blame everyone but yourself. You have been frequently abusive to Deryck Murray and his team at negotiations and I have had to inform you that such behaviour is unacceptable. You have stated at meetings with one of our Board members and two executives of WICB present, that I am a liar. You have since denied saying so, while everyone present heard your comment. I even understand that you have informed both Barry Thomas and Tony Deyal that you would have them fired. In addition, you publicly denigrate the WICB Board, its Officers and Executive at every opportunity and remain constantly critical in the media. Now you state that Mr. Aanensen should be asked to resign because of his "negative style". Permit me to suggest that self analysis of your own style is long over due. I have urged you on more than one occasion to do so. You have done much on behalf of the players and I personally commend you for that. But you appear incapable of rising to the level of maturity now required if the relationship between WIPA and WICB is to contribute to the development of West Indies Cricket. I sincerely hope you will accept the foregoing in the spirit in which it is written, bearing in mind that whatever differences may exist, civility is at the core of all healthy relationships. When people feel abused, many hit back and then everything goes downhill. It is not too late to attempt a new beginning and if you are disposed to doing so, I would be pleased to arrange a three cornered meeting before I demit office between Mr. Aanensen and us both. With kind regards K. Gordon cc: WICB President Designate WICB Directors Chairman Cricket Committee Chairman Governance Committee Members of the West Indies Team