Young Warriors cricket club launches Mash Cup 2014

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Georgetown, Guyana - The Young Warriors Cricket Club of East Canje recently launched their second edition of the Mashramani Cup cricket competition called “Mash Cup 2014” which will be played on Sunday February 23rd (Mashramani day) at the Cumberland Playfield, East Canje. 

The matches will be five over affairs.

The competition, which is open for teams in the East Canje/ East Coast (NO19) Berbice areas, will see 10 teams participating namely Gangaram Strikers, Betsy Ground Triple Stars, Goed Bananen Land, Young and the Restless, Rose Hall Community Centre, Canefield, Young Warriors, Bristol Warriors, #Two Cricket Club and No19 Combined.  

Seawell Cricket Club will not be participating this year and their place has been taken by the Rose Hall Community Centre  which has been recently resuscitated.

Speaking at the launching ceremony held recently at the headquarters of the Young Warriors Cricket Ground at Cumberland East Canje was Mr. Anil Beharry,Vice President of the Berbice Cricket Board and Secretary/Treasurer of the Young Warriors Cricket Club and former Berbice all-rounder.

Beharry, addressing members of the 10 participating clubs, sponsors, parents, friends and members of the media, mentioned the benefits that were accrued from the last event which enabled them to do a number of things to spruce up the venue and improve their facilities – including acquiring a large cover for the pitch and square.

He also mentioned some other added facilities that were put in place over the years including the construction of new pavilions and stands, fencing the venue, building sight screens, acquiring a 42 inches motor cutter for the ground, thus allowing them to be one of the few grounds in the country with such equipment.

He said that one of the primary objectives at the club is not only to play cricket, but to enhance the lives people in the community, especially the youths. He noted that over the years the challenges of running a cricket club have increased with outside influences being a big distraction. He mentioned things like drugs, alcohol, gambling, peer pressure and other illicit activities as major contributing factors.

He also encouraged parents and guardians to send their children to the club including both boys and girls. “We have the facilities here, all we want you to do is to send the youths so that they can be gainfully occupied…. Remember Berbice has two young cricketers in the West Indies U19 team and one is from this very same club, and Berbice also has three female players in the West Indies female cricket team. So there are benefits,” he urged.

He also said that the ground is available to everybody. It is a community ground for the entire community and anybody can use it, but their only appeal is for persons not to destroy the venue, especially when it is wet.

According to the organisers there will be cash incentives for the top four teams in the competition plus outstanding individual performers.

Also to note is that the prize monies have been increased with the winning team receiving cash incentives of $60,000 plus a trophy, second place will collect $30,000 and trophy, third place finisher will collect $15,000, while the fourth place team will be presented with a trophy.  

There will also be incentives for the man of the match in the final and other prizes to be decided by the organisers. He is also appealing to the business community to come on board and assist to make the venture an unforgettable affair.

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Thu, 01/30/2014 - 11:18