Women's captains speak on HIV/AIDS

Dhaka, Bangladesh -- The female captains of Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, West Indies and South Africa today visited centre for persons living with HIV and AIDS in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Salma Khatun, Dilani Manodara, Sana Mir, Merissa Aguilleira and Mignon du Preez met with women and children who are either suffering or are affected by HIV and AIDS at a specialist centre run by UNICEF and works in conjunction with UNAIDS, the ICC’s official partner in the global fight against HIV and AIDS.

During the visit the captains heard of the struggle many women face in Bangladesh with their day to day lives after the diagnosis of HIV, including the stigma they face from society. The centre aims to help educate society but also help the women who suffer to find work, support many them who are widowed due to the disease and it also provides shelter for those women who have become homeless after their families or communities have ostracised them.

Speaking after the event West Indies captain Aguilleira said she would be telling her team-mates about this visit: “Visits like today is important for both us as players and also for those persons living with HIV and AIDS. I will definitely be telling my team about the visit and how it is important to be educated on initiatives like the one that we saw today.”

South Africa captain Du Preez said: "Coming from South Africa where HIV and AIDS are a major killer in the country, today’s visit was an important one for me. I was shocked at how society can treat these women and I’m pleased we had a chance to talk to them and show our support.”

Sri Lanka captain Manodara added: “I found today’s visit very interesting and I’m pleased that we as captains were able to show our support and be ambassadors for such an important cause.

“I am so grateful for the women who took the time to talk with us and share their stories which are personal and important to them. I will remember this visit and it’s good to take time out of our busy cricket schedule to meet women like this,” said Sana.

Rounding up Khatun concluded: “As captain of the Bangladesh it’s important that we help to educate society and remind them not to stigmatise those persons affected by HIV and AIDS, hopefully today’s visit will help somewhat towards that education.”

Mon, 11/21/2011 - 07:13