Windwards in sight of victory vs CCC

GROS ISLET, ST LUCIA - The Windward Islands are seeing victory in Gros Islet after three days of cricket against the Combined Campuses & Colleges in their opening round Regional 4 Day match.

It was a similar batting collapse in the final session of the day that confirmed Windwards' dominance in the match. Having built a lead of 100 earlier in the first session, their bowlers then went to work to restrict the students, and put them out of the game. They managed to do with wickets being taken by each bowler. By the end of the day, the students were again struggling.

The day started with the Windward Islands trying to build a sizeable lead against the CCC, one so big that they would only have to bat once. Last night, it didn't seem possible, the hosts had lost late wickets and ended Day 2 with half their side down.

Dalton Polius and Lyndon James had steadied their team to the close of play. They looked solid and untroubled last evening. But at the start of the day, James edged Shane Shillingford to Kyle Corbin at slip. The delivery was nothing special but it did appear a lapse in concentration from the batsman.

It gave CCC the ideal start to the day they were looking for. But any other celebrations would be long in coming. Shane Shillingford partnered the overnight Polius to keep the Windwards ahead. Polius was quite measured in his approach, going past fifty, picking his deliveries to score off carefully. 

But Shillingford took a different approach. He went after the bowling, and he was quite successful too. He connected well, striking three fours and two sixes in his knock of 37. He also provided good support for Polius, who may have been worried he would start running out of partners. As lunch approached, Shillingford ran out of luck, and trapped LBW by Jason Dawes. A good partnership had taken the Windwards to lunch on 401/7.

But like we've been seeing in this match, as sessions have begun, there have been major changes in the game. Whatever Curtly Ambrose, bowling coach of the CCC told his men during the interval, it seemed to spark some life into them. As the second session began, Dawes and Raymon Reifer began hitting consistent lines and lengths, so consistent that Reifer had gone past Garey Mathurin's outside edge three times in an over.

But Mathurin wouldn't be the one to worry about. On 77, Raymon Reifer got his man, finally taking his edge and Walton completed the catch. Polius had struck 11 fours in his knock. Incredibly, CCC ended the innings almost immediately, conceding just eight runs from the short part of the session, dismissing the Windwards for 409.

It meant an even hundred lead for the home side. In CCC's second turn at the crease, that spark that seemed to drip Dawes and Raymon Reifer seemed to have stayed on the field. Delorn Johnson and Nelon Pascal fired on all ends early on. In just the second over, Johnson's fourth ball trapped struggling opener, Shacaya Thomas. It brought Anthony Alleyne at the crease, who scored 84 in the first innings. But he wouldn't get off the mark in the second, he was bowled by Jason Dawes.

There was a minor revival in the form of a partnership between captain, Kyle Corbin and opener Chadwick Walton. Corbin batted as well as many people have been rating him. He batted well for 31, but again failed to convert a start. He had a half-century in the first innings but there too he gave it away. By then, CCC were 96/3, just four runs from making the Windwards bat again.

It brought together Walton and Raymon Reifer. They've not only been CCC's saviours many times already in this short season of caribbean cricket, but they've also be arguably been the students' best players. Together, in a cautious manner, they both batted out the threat of the new ball. They took the CCC to Tea with no further loss of wickets.

On the resumption, things got easier. The storm had been weathered by Walton and he cashed in, scoring his ninth First Class fifty. Raymon Reifer too, displayed the great potential he has. Both batsmen put on a partnership of 45 runs off 93 balls before Raymon Reifer came forward to a delivery from Mathurin that took his edge. Corbin at slip completed the catch, and he went for 19.

Soon after, Walton would follow. He continued batting cautiously, almost too cautiously. Shillingford came back into the attack and forced him on the back foot. Eventually, Walton made the mistake Shillingford wanted him to make, he misjudged the length of a delivery, played on the back foot and mis-read the spin and was pretty much plumb LBW. He scored 88 runs from 117 balls.

The Tea time spell had again struck. Floyd Reifer and Nekoli Parris met at the crease, both seemingly with different plans to end the day. Floyd Reifer wanted to score quickly and Parris was apparently fine seeing out the 10+ overs. Their difference mindsets would eventually show when Floyd Reifer called for a quick single to point but Parris failed to respond, ball watching, both batsmen ended up at the striker's end.

Thereafter, Parris found a partner with the same thinking, as Akeem Dewar defended well.  Both batsmen took the CCC to stumps on 187/6, a lead of 87 runs, that could quickly turn into what the Windwards' require to win if the tail doesn't wag on Tuesday morning.


Match: Windward Islands vs Combined Campuses & Colleges

Start: 10:00 AM AST

Venue: Beausejour Cricket Ground

Toss: Leewards and bat

Umpires: Nigel Duguid & Zahid Bassarath

Toss: Windward Islands won the toss & elected to field.

Combined Campuses & Colleges 1st Innings

S Thomas lbw D Johnson 21

A Alleyne c N Pascal b D Johnson 84

K Corbin* c D Johnson b S Shillingford 57

C Walton+ c D Smith b S Shilingford 27

R Reifer lbw S Shillingford 16

F Reifer c A Fletcher b N Pascal 11

N Parris c D Smith b N Pascal 9

A Dewar c D Smith b G Mathurin 3

K McClean c L James b G Mathurin 28 

J Dawes not out 27

R Austin c T Theophile b N Pascal 8

TOTAL 309 All Out (98.4 overs)

Fall of wickets: 1-47 (S Thomas), 2-154 (K Corbin), 3-183 (A Alleyne), 4-211 (C Walton), 5-224 (F Reifer), 6-224 (R Reifer), 7-235 (N Parris), 8-256 (A Dewar), 9-272 (K McClean), 10-309 (R Austin).

Extras: 18 (8b, 2lb, 3wd, 5nb)

Windward Islands bowling: N Pascal 21.4-4-92-3 (1wd, 5nb), D Johnson 17-5-50-2 (2wd), G Mathurin 17-3-44-2, S Shillingford 34-9-76-3, D Polius 9-0-37-0.

Windward Islands 1st Innings

D Smith c S Thomas b A Dewar 139

T Theophile c & b A Dewar 54

Andre Fletcher c K Corbin b A Dewar 41

K Lesporis c K McClean b A Dewar 4

D Hector c C Walton b R Austin 1

D Polius c C Walton b R Reifer 77

L James c Corbin b R Austin 26

S Shillingford lbw J Dawes 37

G Mathurin not out 2

D Johnson c J Dawes b R Reifer 0

N Pascal lbw R Reifer 0

TOTAL 409 all out (112.4 Overs)

Fall of wickets: 1-122 (T Theophile), 2-203 (A Fletcher), 3-207 (K Lesporis), 4-241 (D Hector), 5-249 (D Smith), 6-310 (L James), 7-397 (S Shillingford), 8-402 (D Polius), 9-403 (D Johnson), 10-409 (N Pascal).

Extras: 17 (4lb, 4wd, 9nb)

Combined Campuses & Colleges bowling: K McClean 14-1-54-0 (1wd,1nb), J Dawes 18-3-70-1, R Austin 28-4-106-2 (8nb), A Dewar 33-2-127-4, R Reifer 10.4-2-38-3 (3wd), N Parris 9-1-10-0.

Combined Campuses & Colleges 2nd Innings

S Thomas lbw D Johnson 5

C Walton lbw S Shillingford 88

A Alleyne b N Pascal 0

K Corbin lbw S Shillingford 31

R Reifer c G Mathurin b D Polius 19

F Reifer run out (Polius) 7 

N Parris not out 17

A Dewar not out 15

TOTAL 187/6 (54 overs)

Fall of wickets: 1-6 (S Thomas), 2-10 (A Alleyne), 3-96 (K Corbin), 4-141 (R Reifer), 5-155 (C Walton), 6-156 (F Reifer), 

Extras: 5 (5nb)

Windward Islands bowling: N Pascal 4-0-33-1 (5nb), D Johnson 6-1-20-1, S Shillingford 23-4-55-2, G Mathurin 12-0-53-0, D Polius 9-0-31-1.

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