Windwards nab 1st innings on Day 1

St Elizabeth, Jamaica - The first day of the third round of matches in the Regional Under 15 tournament was completed today across three venues in Jamaica.

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Here are the details:

AT STETHS - Barbados v Windward Islands

Leaders, Barbados, were left trailing the match after Day 1 against the Windward Islands, in a day they lost first innings points on. After being sent in to bat first, the Windwards restricted the Bajans to 121 all out in 31.2 overs.

Limar Pierce was Barbados' best batsman, stroking 45 from 62 balls. His knock included three fours and a six. He was also the mainstay of the Barbados innings, which endured a collapse early on. At one point, the Bajans were 6/3.

Knocks from Michael Stewart (22), Nagee Holder (20) and Joshua Bishop (23) kept Barbados floating, but only just. Alick Athanaze did the brunt of the damage for the Windwards, finishing with 4-31.

Nick Elibox (49) and Johnell Engene (44) led the Windwards' response after they were left reeling on 10/2. Kemar Burrowe fought back for Barbados, finishing the first innings with 5-39. The Windwards overhauled Barbados' first innings total though, getting to 146/8 from 40.4 overs, gaining a 25 run lead.

Barbados finished Day 1 on 47/3 with opener, Daniel Chesham unbeaten on 29.

Barbados 1st Innings

Daniel Chesham b Roberts 0

Shiam Brathwaite c Stewart b Depigny 3

Limar Pierce c James b Singh 45

Thaddaeus Chase c Stewart Roberts 0

Micheal Stewart LBW Anthanaze 22

Nagee Holder st Stewart Anthanaze 20

Joshua Bishop st Stewart b Anthanaze 23

Reniel Smith Run Out Dupigny 0

Jarion Hoyte LBW Anthanaze 0

Kemar Burrowe c Singh Douglas 0

Jamon Cole Not Out 0

Total: 121 All Out (31.2 Overs)

Extras: (4B, 1LB, 2NB, 1WD) 8

Windward Islands 1st Innings Bowling: Daneal Dupigny 4-1-27-1, Shane Roberts 6-0-20-2, Alick Anthanaze 12-2-31-4, Narlin Singh 7-0-31-1, Dillon Douglas 2.2-0-7-1

Windward Islands 1st Innings

Leic Charles Run Out 4

Johann Jeremiah c Chesham Cole 0

Emmanuel Stewart c Burrowes 19

Nick Elibox c Cole b Burrowes 49

Johnell Engene b Burrowes 44

Denzil James c Burrowes 3

Alick Anthanaze c Pierce b Burrowes 3

Dillion Douglas Run Out 0

Shane Roberts c Smith b Bishop 3

Daneal Dupigny Not Out 6

Narin Singh Run Out 0

Total: 146/8 (40.4 Overs)

Extras: (3B, 4LB, 2NB, 6WD) 15

Barbados 1st Innings Bowling: Jarion Hoyte 1-0-4-0, Jamon Cole 4-0-26-1, Nagee Holder 6-0-19-0, Joshua Bishop 16-0-49-1, Kemar Burrowe 13-0-39-5, Reniel Smith 0.4-0-2-0

Barbados 2nd Innings

Daniel Chesham Not Out 29

Shiam Brathwaite c Anthanaze b Roberts 4

Thaddaeus Chase c Elibox b Roberts 3

Micheal Stewart c Stewart b Stewart 8

Nagee Holder Not Out 0

Total: 47/3 (19 Overs)

Extras: (3WD) 3

Windward Islands 2nd Innings Bowling: Daneal Dupigny 6-2-15-0, Shane Roberts 6-1-22-2, Alick Anthanaze 6-3-6-1, Johnnel Eugene 1-1-0-0

State of Match: Windward Islands won 1st innings points

Toss: Windward Islands and Field

Umpires: Christopher Wrigh and Christopher Wright

Match Referee: D Bryan


AT MANLEY HORN - T&T v Leeward Islands

Trinidad & Tobago can wrap up victory over the Leeward Islands early on the morning of Day 2, and even grab themselves some much needed bonus points. The Leewards continued to struggle in the Regional Under 15 on Day 1, crumbling for 78 all out in their first innings.

Two batsmen got into double figures, one which was Jerelius Louis, who top scored with 26. The other was Zawandi White who made 11. After being sent in to bat, almost all of the Trinidad and Tobago bowlers combined to destroy the Leewards batting line-up.

Joel Sutherland and Sachin Seecharan both finished with three wickets each. T&T then proceeded to destroy the Leewards bowling attack. Saiba Batoosingh launched an aggressive 67 from 70 balls to put T&T's early stumble away. Batoosingh struck nine fours in his innings.

Trevor Hanley tried invain to stop the onslaught but he did finish with 5-45. By the time T&T were bowled out for 157 though, the Red Force had built up a lead of 79 runs. By the close of play, the Leewards were still 30 runs off making T&T batting again, finishing Day 1 on 49/6. Dimitri Adams is unbeaten on 17. Nathaniel McDavid was the pick of the T&T bowlers with 3-15.

Leeward Islands 1st Innings

Michael Lewis c James b Kistow 0

Dimitri Adams* c Gopaul Sutherland 0

Zawandi White c Batoosingh Sutherland 11

N'Cosie George+ b Sutherland 0

Marcus Duberry c Simmons b Kistow 3

Jerelius Louis Not Out 26

Javani Tyson L.B.W. Seecharan 0

Demari Prince c James b McDavid 0

Jamuel Cabey c Sutherland b Seecharan 1

Tassilo Allen c Maniram b Seecharan 9

Trevor Hanley b Batoosingh 9

Total: 78 All Out (29.2 Overs)

Extras: (5B, 1LB, 2NB, 11WD) 19

Trinidad & Tobago 1st Innings Bowling: Amrit Kistow 7-2-18-2, Joel Sutherland 6-4-5-3, Nathaniel McDavid 5-1-18-1, Sachin Seecharan 6-1-16-3, Emilo Gopaul 3-1-6-0, Aaron Mairam 2-0-8-0, Saiba Batoosingh 0.2-0-1-1

Trinidad & Tobago 1st Innings

Keagan Simmons c White Tyson 5

Crystian Thurton b Cabey 7

Aaron Mairam Run Out (Duberry) 14

Kirstan Kallicharan c White b Hanley 7

Saiba Batoosingh b Hanley 70

Nathaniel McDavid c George b Hanley 15

Emilo Gopaul c Lewis b Hanley 11

Sachin Seecharan st Geroge b Duberry 14

Omarley James+ Not Out 3

Amrit Kistow b Hanleym 2

Joel Sutherland Run Out (Tyson) 1

Total: 157 All Out (41.4 Overs)

Extras: (3B, 2LB, 3WD) 8

Leeward Islands 1st Innings Bowling: Jamuel Cabey 9-1-27-1, Tassilo Allen 7-0-31-0, Javani Tyson 6-0-16-1, Trevor Hanley 13.4-2-45-5, Dimitri Adams 4-0-19-0, Marcus Duberry 2-0-14-1

Leeward Islands 2nd Innings

Michael Lewis b Kistow 0

Dimitri Adams* Not Out 17

Zawandi White c Kallicharan b Seecharan 4

N'Cosie George+ c Kallicharan Seecharan 9

Marcus Duberry L.B.W. Batoosingh 3

Jerelius Louis c Simmons b Kallicharan 0

Javani Tyson Not Out 5

Demari Prince b Seecharan 4

Total: 49/6 (20 Overs)

Extras: (3B, 3LB, 1NB) 7

Trinidad & Tobago 2nd Innings Bowling: Amrit Kistow 6-1-17-1, Nathaniel McDavid 6-1-15-3, Sachin Seecharan 2-2-0-0, Saiba Batoosingh 4-2-7-1, Kirstan Kallicharan 2-0-3-1

State of Match: Trinidad & Tobago won 1st innings points

Toss: Trinidad & Tobago and chose to Field

Umpires: Mohammed Baksh & Guyanand Sukhdeo

Match Referee: Randolph Nelson


AT TREASURE BEACH - Jamaica v Guyana

Jamaica fought back strongly with the ball on day to deny Guyana first innings points, in a keenly contested affair. It was a day for the bowlers as 24 wickets fell. After opting to bat first, the Jamaicans found themselves in early trouble.

Ronaldo Mohammed did most of the damage up front for the Guyanese, breaking the back of the Jamaican batting. He would eventually finish the first innings with 5-28. As Jamaica were crumpled out for 99, only Kirk McKenzie (29) and captain Brad Barne (27) put up any real resistance.

But what looked a woefully underpar total turned out to be enough, just. Guyana suffered a similar collapse as Jamaica and fell five runs short of first innings points. Barnes and Ian Spence took three wickets each to help the Jamaicans defend their low score. Raymond Perez top scored for Guyana with 19 while Mathew Hardial was unbeaten on 18. Guyana finished on 95/9 from 38 overs.

But Guyana struck back late in the day to keep this contest alive. Ashmead Nedd had two of five Jamaican second innings wickets as the Reggae Boys ended day 1 on 54/5, an overall lead of 59. Joshe-Anthony Grey (4) and Raewin Senior (0) are both at the crease/

Jamaica 1st Innings

Richard McIntosh b Mohamed 4

Kirk McKenzie Run Out (Mohamed) 29

Dominik Samuels b Mohamed 6

Rahjni Roye+ c & b Shewpersaud 1

Brad Barnes* b Mohamed 27

Joshe-Anthony Grey b Mohamed 10

Shalome Parnell c Yadram bLuknauth 2

Jeavor Royal L.B.W. Mohamed 0

Raewin Senior c Hardial b Luknauth 1

Michael Harriott Not Out 2

Ian Spence b Nedd 4

Total: 99 All Out (35.3 Overs)

Extras: (3B, 3LB, 1NB, 6WD) 13

Guyana 1st Innings Bowling: Ronaldo Mohamed 12-2-28-5, Kelvin Shewpersaud 6-1-21-1, Richie Luknauth 6-2-11-2, Ashmead Nedd 11.3-1-33-1

Guyana 1st Innings

Bhaskar Yadram b Harriott 7

Raymond Perez c Royal b Spence 19

Mathew Hardial Not Out 18

Adrian Sukwah+ b Barnes 11

Ronaldo Mohamed L.B.W. Spence 0

Mark Williams Run Out (Harriott) 7

Vickram Talmakund c Barnes Spence 0

Richie Luknauth b Barnes 3

Kelvin Shewpersaud st Roye b Barnes 4

Timothy McAlmont Run Out (Senior) 15

Ashmead Nedd Not Out 4

Total: 95/9 (38 Overs)

Extras: (2B, 1LB, 2NB, 2WD) 7

Jamaica 1st Innings Bowling: Michael Harriott 5-1-24-1, Shalome Parnell 7-2-24-0, Ian Spence 14-2-25-3, Brad Barnes 12-3-19-3

Jamaica 2nd Innings

Richard McIntosh L.B.W. Nedd 1

Kirk McKenzie L.B.W. Shewpersaud 1

Dominik Samuels Run Out (Williams) 21

Rahjni Roye+ L.B.W. Nedd 3

Brad Barnes* Not Out 4

Joshe-Anthony Grey c Yadram b Luknauth 14

Raewin Senior Not Out 0

Total: 54/5 (30 Overs)

Extras: (6B, 3LB, 1WD) 10

Guyana 2nd Innings Bowling: Ronaldo Mohamed 6-1-16-0, Kelvin Shewpersaud 3-0-7-1, Richie Luknauth 12-6-11-1, Ashmead Nedd 9-4-11-2

States of Match: Jamaica won 1st innings points

Toss: Jamaica and chose to Bat

Umpires: Deighton Butler & Athol Hamilton

Match Referee: Cecil Fletcher

Fri, 07/19/2013 - 15:27