WICB assures safety of Under-19s Bangladesh

St JOHN'S, Antigua – The West Indies Cricket Board assures the public that all the players of the West Indies Under 19 squad and members of the Team Management on tour of Bangladesh are safe and not in danger.

An explosion occurred a short distance away from the team hotel in Chittagong on Saturday evening. The players and members of team management were not targeted and were not in any immediate danger as a result of the incident.

The WICB management has been in contact with Team Manager Altamont Solomon and will continue to receive regular briefings. The team gathered shortly after the incident and are safe at their team hotel and have been afforded additional security protection.

The WICB is working with the Bangladesh Cricket Board to ensure the continued safety of the team. Further WICB Security Manager Paul Slowe will formally assess the situation and provide a report to the WICB.

The WICB thanks the BCB and Bangladeshi authorities for their efforts in hosting and providing security for the team. The WICB is contacting the parents and guardians of all the players and will provide further updates as necessary. 

Sat, 12/07/2013 - 09:14