The who, what and how much of the IPL 2013 auction

HYEDERABAD, INDIA - The 2013 IPL auction will feature new names as well as those cricketers who were let go by the franchises whe n they announced a list of players they had retained and released in keeping with the Octo ber 31, 2012, deadline.

The original Hyderabad-based franc hise, Deccan Chargers, was terminated from the IPL in October. That led to a new team, SunRisers Hyderabad, being formed, and they retained 20 players from the Chargers franchise and released the remaining 13.

How much money can the teams spend at the auction?

Each franchise c an spend up to $12.5 million on their 2013 squad. The franchises have alread y spent a portion of that sum on the players they retained in November 2012, and on the ones they traded/signed in the transfer window that closed on Ja nuary 18. The franchises can now spend the remainder of the amount during th e auction.

In 2008, every franchise had $5 million as the a uction purse. In 2011, that was increased to $9 million.

But there was no re striction on what was spent outside of the auction and, last year, there wer e few high-value trades outside of the auction - for example Dinesh Karthik went from Kings XI Punjab to Mumbai Indians for a million. Subsequently, many franchises complained about the big money being spent outside of the auctio n purse.

So the IPL decided that this year, instead of just regulating the a mount being spent at the auction, they would set a consolidated sum of $12.5 million for the franchises' entire 2013 squads.

For how long will the players, who are bought on Sunday, be able to play for the franchise that buys them?

The players signed on Sunday will be availab le to play for their respective franchises only in this year's IPL.

The contracts of the players who are already with franchises will a lso end this year. When the players were signed in 2011, the contracts were for two years with the option of extending them for an extra year. The 2014 a uction will see more players being auctioned as new contracts will be signed .

Is there a cap on the maximum amount a franchise can b id for any player, and will there be a tie-breaker this year too?

In e ffect, there is no cap on bids for any player. The teams can spend whatever a mount they want on procuring a player, based on how much of their $12.5 mill ion purse they have remaining.

Yes, the tie-breaker rule st ill exists. As per this rule, if two franchises submitted the same maximum b id for the same player, they must then submit a cheque with an undisclosed a mount to the BCCI - this money comes from outside of the $12.5 million purse . The franchise whose cheque offers the higher amount gets the player and the undisclosed amount goes to the BCCI.

How many players in total, and overseas players, can each franchise have?

Each franchise can have a total of 33 players, including 11 from overseas. The squad si ze was increased from 30 to 33 before the 2012 IPL auction. When it was 30, 2 0 Indian and 10 overseas players were allowed. However, in the final XI, onl y four overseas players can be included.

Can overseas players be bought outside the auction?

Under normal circumstances, ove rseas players, whether capped or uncapped, can be bought only at the auction . However, in case of injuries cropping up in a squad, the franchise has the right to sign an overseas player outside the auction as a replacement.

In the case of Indian players, uncapped players are signed out side the auction. Capped players, on the other hand, have to be signed at th e auction. Capped Indian players can be bought outside the auction only if t hey are released by a franchise during the trading window. For example, Abhi nav Mukund, who has played five Tests, was released by Chennai Super Kings i n November and signed by Royal Challengers Bangalore in January.

What are capped and uncapped players?

A capped player is on e who has played international cricket for his country in any format of the g ame: Tests, ODIs or Twenty20s. An uncapped player is one who is yet to make his international debut.

Why was the Deccan Chargers fra nchise terminated?

The Deccan Chargers franchise was terminated in Oc tober 2012 after its owners, Deccan Chronicles Holdings Limited (DCHL), fail ed to produce the bank guarantee that the Bombay High Court had stipulated t hey furnish in order to avoid termination from the league.

The franchise had defaulted on several fronts (including payments to players and foreign boards) after DCHL ran into financial problems. The BCCI, subse quently, had set a deadline of September 15, 2012, for the owners to clear a ll dues. Since the owners were unable to sort out their financial problems, t hey put the franchise up for sale. They then rejected the sole bid they rece ived, and were unable to offer viable a solution, which eventually led to th eir termination.

Why is there a new franchise from the s me city as Deccan Chargers, instead of from a different city?

Once Chargers were terminated, the BCCI invited bids for a new IPL franchise from o ne of 12 cities, including Hyderabad. The Sun TV Network won the bid, offering Rs 85.05 crores per year for a five-year deal, for a Hyderabad-based franchise.

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