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BASSETERRE, St. Kitts - The West Indies Cricket Board and the University of Technology in Jamaica have partnered to revamp the WICB Coaching Programme. 

Having successfully developed a new curriculum for the different coaching courses the WICB are ready to train the first set of Tutors/Assessors under this new partnership. 

Leeward Islands Territorial development Officer Mr. Junie Mitcham left for Jamaica on Friday 11th October to undertake the Tutors/Assessors Course. 

When Mr. Mitcham has successfully completed the Tutor/Assessor course, his responsibility will be to deliver the WICB Level 1 and Foundation courses.

Junie Mitcham

Mr. Mitcham said he is looking forward to undertaking the Tutors/Assessors Course, which no doubt will aid in his continued development and advancement as a coach and administrator. 

Mitcham further stated that WICB has made a significant and positive step in the right direction to revamp its coaching education syllabus, where the coaches who under take the different level of courses are certified will be able to be recognized worldwide. 

The game has evolved and transform tremendously as with the coaching methods and strategies, therefore it is of paramount importance to the further development and advancement of coaches who are charge with the responsibility of developing players that they are properly train to impart the knowledge, along with using advance coaching methods and strategies, to help bring about better performances and results. 

Such will help to develop not only better technical players but well rounder individuals who are good decision makers on and off the field.

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Mon, 10/14/2013 - 11:49