West Indies, Bolt propel Caribbean

CMC – West Indies rescaled the pinnacle of world cricket for the first time in eight years, while sprint superstar Usain Bolt laid claim to legend status by once again attaining the dizzying heights of global stardom, to headline a remarkable year in Caribbean sport in 2012. 

The mercurial regional side captured the Twenty20 World Cup in Sri Lanka when they beat the hosts in a pulsating final, registering their first world title since they dramatically won the 2004 ICC Champions Trophy in England, and adding to the back-to-back 50-over World Cup triumphs of the 1970s. 

For a side that had lurched from one defeat to another in a turbulent period, the victory was a welcome boost for Caribbean cricket and a much needed lift for devoted but success-starved fans.

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Wed, 01/02/2013 - 09:13