Unruly cricket fan gets five-year ban

Trinidad & Tobago Newsday article.

PORT OF SPAIN, TRINIDAD - Vijay Outim of Curepe pleaded guilty to the charge of throwing missiles in a public event, during the final of the Celkon Mobile Cup.

Outim was placed on a $1,000 bond to keep the peace for one year and in default of which will serve two weeks in prison with hard labour.

However, The Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board felt that he got off lightly for an incident in a match that was being beamed all over the world as this incident could have painted a negative picture of this country. 

The TTCB believes that sending a strong and clear message that hooliganism in any form would not be tolerated is the best thing to do. As such, the TTCB imposed a five-year ban on Outim, from attending any regional or international cricket held in Trinidad and Tobago under their auspices. 

Outim threw a partially filled, plastic water bottle onto the field at the Queen’s Park Oval on Thursday from the stands and struck Sri Lankan player Lasith Malinga during the final against India. After throwing the bottle, Outim attempted to flee the scene by running into the Trini Posse Stand. Alert private security officers apprehended the suspect and duly handed him over to the Police at the Oval. 

An unnecessary five-minute stoppage resulted because of the incident. 

The five-year ban imposed by the TTCB from all regional and international matches held in country is the first such disciplinary action taken on any spectator at international cricket in the Caribbean. 

The TTCB believes that the vociferous but peaceful cricket-loving people in the West Indies come to enjoy the game and should not be disrupted or have their good reputation stained by miscreants. 

A picture of Outim would be circulated to security personnel at all TTCB events to prevent him from entering for the next five years. 

This measure it is hoped would act as a deterrent to all others who intend to cause mischief or disruption such as, throwing objects, hurling racial taunts, invading the field of play among other negative acts. 

First Published In The Trinidad & Tobago Newsday.

Sun, 07/14/2013 - 05:52