TTCB unveils refurbished Worrell Centre

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Port of Spain, Trinidad - The Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board (TTCB) on Sunday officially unveiled and re-dedicated its refurbished Sir Frank Worrell Development Centre, 12 years and eight days after it was first commissioned on May 30 2002.

Over the past few months the TTCB has spent a substantial sum of money, completely revamping the facility. 

Among the welcome improvements and additions are new indoor nets, carpets re-laid that allow differing bounce and pace, retro-filled dormitories to become more user-friendly by the cricketers, and an Information Technology (IT) room to assist coaches and analysts.

Azim Bassarath, president of the TTCB, in his address at Sunday’s re-dedication function, thanked the administrators who had contributed to local cricket development before him. 

He also gave the assurance that during his tenure, the positive developments would continue apace to benefit the young players. Minister in the Ministry of Finance, Rudranth Indarsingh, attended the function and gave the commitment to assist the TTCB whenever possible. He congratulated the officials on the work that they are doing and their splendid achievements to date. 

Following the formal proceedings, the TTCB administrators engaged in a T15 cricket match with former Test players Gus Logie and Suruj Ragoonath captaining the two teams. 

Bassarath, a former president of the Umpires and Scorers’ Association performed the umpiring duties and the Logie XI, led by a stroke-filled 46 from the skipper, emerged victorious. 

Among the attendees at the function and the match were former presidents of the TTCB Alloy Lequay and Ellis Lewis, TTCB officials Dr Allen Sammy (first vice-president), Sukesh Maniam (treasurer), Arjoon Ramlal (general secretary), BaldathMahabir (executive member), Patrick Rampersad (third vice-president), Ann Browne John (executive member); coaches Dasrath Maharaj and Surujdath Mahabir. 

In his address, Bassarath said although he has the privilege to lead TTCB at this time, the initial steps along the way were made by others. 

“But it is the intention of myself and my entire administration to continue the good work, building and changing to suit the needs of our ever-evolving sport,” he said.

“In moving forward, let me thank those who have contributed before, for the quality and quantity of work they have done for our cricket. Let me also thank all members of my present board and my executive for the work that they are now doing. 

“Kudos must also go out to the project team that initiated and supervised the transition of this facility from its initial concept to a more user-friendly one. As you will see on the outside, work is also taking place on the installation of recreational lighting to enhance our facility but more of this at another time.”

Bassarath continued, “having completed our 2014 domestic season, we have had numerous requests to re-look our National League structure. This is engaging our urgent attention as we do intend to listen and learn from the vast storehouse of knowledge that resides within our clubs.

“Speaking of clubs, let me also make a public call for much needed assistance to our clubs, starting at National League level and eventually working through the entire cricket system.

“No lesser person that PJ Patterson, the former Prime Minister of Jamaica, on Thursday, made a plea for the recognition and support of cricket clubs, and the role they play in the development and sustenance of the sport.

“Here at home, lots of public funds are being spent on facilities but the cricket clubs, who are in many instances the custodians of these facilities, are left to survive on their own with little or no help. We are happy that facilities are being developed for our people and we are asking that the clubs who develop the human capital by utilising these said facilities to develop people and communities, should also be assisted and empowered.” 

The TTCB boss ended, “at present, we have in training - national Under-17 boys, national Under-19 boys, the women’s team and a girls national Under-19 team. Soon the national Under-15 boys will also begin their preparation and in July, so will our national men’s team.”

First Published In The Trinidad & Tobago Newsday.

Tue, 06/10/2014 - 04:49