TTCB embraced Dollar Cricket Competition

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Port of Spain, Trinidad - President of the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board (TTCB), Azim Bassarath, has pledged his support towards the further development of rural cricket programmes throughout the twin-island republic.

In his address to youngsters at the unique ISACA funded “Dollar Cricket” tournament prize-giving ceremony which was held at the Penal Quinam Government Primary School yesterday, Bassarath lauded the efforts of institution’s staff and student body for taking such a progressive sporting step. Fizes Hosein, president of the International Sports and Cultural Academy (ISACA), who is the brainchild of the tournament said that such a youth development initiatives are expected to be soon implemented into the primary school system as a stepping stone for sport. 

The dollar cricket competition was held at the Penal/Quinam Government Primary School last week and yesterday participants received cash rewards for runs scored, wickets taken, as well as fours and sixes that were hit. It provided an opportunity for infants and older primary school students to compete in an internal cricket competition. 

From the competition players received $5 for each wicket taken, $1 for each run scored, $4 for every boundary hit and $10 for each six. It has since attracted the attention of the TTCB, who sees this as a revolutionary move at the grass-root level. 

Winning this edition was team Blazers, who copped the $500 cash prize and challenge trophy. Altogether, $2,000 was injected into the programme with some going towards the purchase of medals to all who participated. 

Inspired by the programme, TTCB president Bassarath immediately showed his support by injecting $2,000 towards equipment that will be used for sports development. 

“I would like to take this opportunity to pledge $2,000 towards these young children here today,” he said. “This money can be used for the purchase of bats, balls and other sporting equipment needed to keep such initiatives running smoothly. And I want to assure you youngsters here today that you are not forgotten. We at the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board share your support and are willing to help you all in making this and more plans a success.” Bassarath admitted that not all of the students would be able to secure a spot on national teams, but re-directed their focus to other cricket avenues such as statisticians, umpires, scorers, commentators and other professions within the growing sport. 

Also attending yesterday’s presentation was president of the National Primary School’s League and principal of San Francique Presbyterian Primary, Ian Ramlal. He also pledged strong support in the region and asked parents to register their children in TTCB camps such as the Kiddies Buddy Camp. 

A number of teachers and other staff members were also on hand during the proceedings. And like many others before them, they agreed that such a programme is crucial to enhancing the overall character of their primary school students. Many welcomed the continuation of the “Dollar Cricket” tournament and eagerly awaited for this special competition to be implemented in other schools to raise a national awareness of the sport and benefits of it. 

First Published In The Trinidad & Tobago Newsday.

Wed, 03/19/2014 - 02:48