Stakeholders called to TTCB symposium

Trinidad & Tobago Newsday article.

Port of Spain, Trinidad - A National Symposium on local cricket will be staged tomorrow at the Preysal High School in Preysal.

The symposium gets underway at 1pm and organisers - Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board - are optimistic that it will attract maximum participation from the major stakeholders of the game. 

General secretary of the TTCB Adjoin Ramlal said yesterday that the symposium will serve as an opportunity for stakeholders and the public to put forward ideas and proposals to improve the cricket product. 

Ramlal, a retired schools supervisor said there will also be several special presentations. 

“We have already received some presentations and we look forward to a healthy discourse on the important subject of the way ahead,” Ramlal said. 

The TTCB hopes that those who are participating in the open forum will put forward concrete proposals and suggestions which could constructively inform the board when they make their decisions Ramlal said all the information received at the symposium will be collected and a special committee will then take it into consideration when they form an action plan. 

“This year we intend to be more action oriented. We think that there is heightened interest in the game and especially the administration of cricket,” Ramlal said. 

He said in the past, discussions have been held on all aspects of the games but he is optimistic that Saturday’s talk-fest will be the most productive yet.

First Published In The Trinidad & Tobago Newsday.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 10:46