Sobers still carrying Barbados

Barbados Advocate article.

BRIDGETOWN, BARBADOS - After an illustrious career which has made him one of the most-recognisable sporting icons in the world, The Right Excellent Sir Garfield Sobers continues to carry Barbados on his back well into his golden years. 

The island’s only living national hero is using his illustrious profile to bring further recognition to Barbados.

Speaking to The Barbados Advocate this past week, Sobers explained that most of his time was now spent canvassing for the Sir Garfield Sobers International Schools Cricket Tournament and the Sir Garfield Sobers Golf Tournament which occur annually in the off-peak season. 

“My work at the present moment with the Board of Tourism entails going to England and trying to organise to get schools to come to Barbados and to talk a bit about the golf tournament and bring more people here because that’s what is important. At a time of the year when these tournaments are being held, it is very important for us to have people here in Barbados,” he said.

Hailed as one of the greatest cricketers ever to play the game, Sobers went on to say that his new undertaking came naturally as it was no different to what he did throughout his career. “This is something that I have been doing all my life. When we became cricketers, we became ambassadors of our respective countries. My job out there was to promote Barbados and to do what best we could. Behave ourselves, talk to people about Barbados and let them know what Barbados has to offer and how wonderful it is so that they could come. All I am doing, is a continuation of that,” he stated.

Spending much of his time in England these days, Sobers went on to say that his fame and prominence made his job very easy. “I find it a lot easier now. Being in England and playing most of my cricket there between 1957 and 1975, people there know me more so than anywhere else. Now when people see me, they can’t believe that it is me and it seems to be helping to give people the enthusiasm to want to come to Barbados and that is important and I am willing to help as much as I can as far as that is concerned,” he said. 

First Published In The Barbados Advocate.

Sun, 07/07/2013 - 06:18