Shillingford sets up intriguing last day

Kingston, Jamaica - Shane Shillingford produced a sensational second innings bowling spell to give the Windward Islands hope of pulling off an outright victory over leaders, Jamaica.

Shiillingford, returning from suspension, having corrected his action picked up seven wickets in the second innings of the game and finished his overall bowling performance with ten wickets.

Jamaica started the day on 26/0 and Shillingford got two early wickets for the visitors, removing both openers. Nkrumah Bonner and Jermaine Blackwood repaired the early damage with an 80-run partnership that helped steady the Jamaican innings. However, Shillingford would return to break the partnership and also send both batsmen back to the pavilion in a short space of time.

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It soon became 122/4 with the Jamaicans in a deficit of 22 runs. But just when things were looking up for the Windwards, wicket-keeper Carlton Baugh came to Jamaica's rescue.

The out-of-favour West Indies wicket-keeper hit an unbeaten 89 to keep Jamaica in the game. Captain, Tamar Lambert, also provided good support, stroking a patient 67.

However, when the Jamaica captain was out, wickets began following around Baugh, who continued steadily. He faced 141 balls, hitting four boundaries and three sixes.

In building crucial partnerships with the lower order, Baugh managed to take the Jamaicans to 275 before he ran out of partners. Shillingford had nabbed away at the hosts until he finished with 7-116. Devon Smith also chipped in with 2-33.

It meant the Windwards needed 254 runs for victory once Jamaica's deficit of 22 runs were deducted. Openers Devon Smith and Tyrone Theophile both saw out the last nine overs of the day. Both batsmen are unbeaten on 15 each.

Day 4 starts at 11am Eastern Caribbean Time (10am Jamaica Time) tomorrow, with the Windwards needing a further 223 runs to win.


Summary Scores:

Jamaica 1st Innings: 194 All Out (68 Overs). Carlton Baugh+ 56, Nkrumah Bonner 38, Jermaine Blackwood 36, Dave Bernard Jr 29; Shane Shillingford 16-3-61-4, Liam Sebastien* 17-5-23-2, Delorn Johnson 13-3-41-2, Kenroy Peters 9-3-20-1.

Windward Islands 1st Innings: 216/9 Declared (97.3 Overs). Romel Currency 76, Tyrone Theophile 73, Sunil Ambris 23, Lyndon James+ 20; Nikita Miller 38.3-13-60-2, Jamie Merchant 14-2-21-2, Brian Buchanan 12-1-22-2, Dave Bernard Jr 9-1-23-1.

Jamaica 2nd Innings: 275 All Out (93.1 Overs). Carlton Baugh+ 89*, Tamar Lambert* 67, Nkrumah Bonner 34, Dave Bernard Jr 13; Shane Shillingford 33.1-3-116-7, Devon Smith 13-3-33-2, Romel Currency 1-0-1-0, Delorn Johnson 8-0-14-0.

Windward Islands 2nd Innings: 31/0 (9 Overs). Tyrone Theophile 15*, Devon Smith 15*; Nikita Miller 3-2-1-0, Jerome Taylor 2-1-6-0, Jamie Merchant 4-0-24-0.

Stumps, Day 3


Jamaica 1st Innings

Horace Miller c Theophile b Johnson 0

J Campbell LBW Pascal 18

N Bonner c Shillingford b Sebastien 38

T Lambert* b Johnson 1

J Blackwood c wkp James b Sebastien 36

C Baugh Jr+ not out 56

D Bernard Jr c & b Shillingford 29

Nikita Miller c Peters b Shillingford 2

J Merchant c Theophile b Shillingford 3

J Taylor c Sebastien b Shillingford 0

B Buchanan LBW Peters 0

Total: 194 All Out (68 Overs)

Extras: (b4, lb1, w1, nb5) 11

Fall of wickets: 1-10, 2-20, 3-23, 4-92, 5-107, 6-173, 7-179, 8-192, 9-192, 10-194.

Windward Islands 1st Innings 1st Innings Bowling: N Pascal 13-1-44-1, D Johnson 13-3-41-2, K Peters 9-3-20-1, S Shillingford 16-3-61-4, L Sebastien 17-5-23-2.

Windward Islands 1st Innings

D Smith c Bonner b Taylor 1

T Theophile c Bonner b Nikita Miller 73

S Ambris c Campbell b Bernard Jr 23

K Lesporis c Campbell b Merchant 4

K Peters c Campbell b Merchant 0

R Currency not out 76

L James+ c Blackwood b Nikita Miller 20

S Shillingford c Baugh b Buchanan 0

D Johnson LBW Buchanan 3

N Pascal c Horace Miller b Nikita Miller 1

Total: 216/9 Declared (97.3 overs)

Extras: (b8, lb6, nb1) 15

Did not Bat: L Sebastien*.

Fall of Wickets: 1-8, 2-46, 3-52, 4-52, 5-154, 6-200, 7-208, 8-213, 9-216.

Jamaica 1st Innings Bowling: J Taylor 7-0-42-1, B Buchanan 12-1-22-2, Nikita Miller 38.3-13-60-2, D Bernard Jr 9-1-23-1, J Merchant 14-2-21-2, T Lambert 8-2-9-0, J Campbell 3-0-10-0, N Bonner 6-0-15-1.

Jamaica 2nd Innings (Trail; 22)

Horace Miller b Shillingford 12

J Campbell c Pascal b Shillingford 11

N Bonner LBW Shillingford 34

J Blackwood c Theophile b Shillingford 8

T Lambert* b Smith 67

C Baugh Jr+ not out 89

D Bernard Jr c & b Shillingford 13

Nikita Miller b Smith 9

J Merchant c Currency b Shillingford 11

J Taylor c & b Shillingford 0

B Buchanan run Out 1

Total: 275 All Out (93.1 Overs)

Extras: (b4, lb10, nb4, w2) 20

Fall of Wickets: 1-26, 2-29, 3-109, 4-122, 5-162, 6-210, 7-230, 8-247, 9-247, 10-275.

Windward Islands 2nd Innings Bowling: N Pascal 16-0-46-0, D Johnson 8-0-14-0, S Shillingford 33.1-3-116-7, K Peters 22-4-51-0, D Smith 13-3-33-2, R Currency 1-0-1-0.

Windward Islands 2nd Innings (Target; 254)

D Smith not out 15

T Theophile not out 15

Total: 31/0 (9 Overs)

Extras: (nb1) 1

Jamaica 2nd Innings Bowling: J Taylor 2-1-6-0, J Merchant 4-0-24-0, Nikita Miller 3-2-1-0.

State of Match: Windward Islands need 223 runs to win

Points-to-date: Jamaica 3 (0 batting points + 3 bowling points) | Windwards 4 (3 bowling points + 1 batting point)

Toss: Windward Islands won the toss and elected to bat

Umpires: Peter Nero & Christoper Taylor

Standby Umpire: Christopher Wright

Match Referee: Denavon Hayles

Sun, 03/23/2014 - 16:55