Riverine communities to launch Cricket Association

Guyana Chronicle article.

GEORGETOWN, GUYANA - Recognising the need to mobilise themselves into a unified body to address hardball cricket the six riverine communities along the Demerara River are coming together to form a cricket association.

Dubbed the Riverine Cricket Association (RCA), it is scheduted to be launched on July 8, 2013. The clubs that will be affiliated to the new association are Sand Hill, Santa Mission, Low Wood, Endeavours, Dora and Susannah’s Rust and Vreed-en-Rust.

An official of the steering committee told this publication that the association will see persons being elected to serve for a two-year term. The entire executive will be revealed to the communities in a face-to-face discussion and launch planned for July 8.

“Elections for office-bearers will be held every two years and all the details pertaining to constitution and other stuff will be revealed to the public on the day of the launch. Such an association was needed for a long time and we are very elated to have been able to formulate ourselves into a body to get things off the ground,” the official said.

The official noted the seven communities will be expecting all those elected to work very hard while remaining committed to the primary objectives of the association.

He stressed that the association’s primary objective would be to lift the standard and level of cricket within the community as it seeks to nurture and move the skills and talents of youths in an effort to produce national and West Indies players.

“We have several talented young men and women in these communities and with an association we intend to work tirelessly in ensuring that a united approach is adopted to produce quality players who will represent Guyana and West Indies,” he stressed.

The official further noted that a number of competitions will be held while a consultant has been appointed to work on producing a Constitution and other documents that will aid in guiding elected officials and members.

“We want to ensure that the affairs of the association are professionally managed and operated and that is why we will be ensuring that the requisite documents and the constitution are instituted,” the official said.

The official declared that the association was overdue and after significant challenges and difficulties the various sports clubs in the respective communities have sought to ensure that a more organised and better managed association is formed.

This, the official said is geared towards ensuring that cricket activities are more organised and executed within the riverine communities.

“Cricket is an expensive sport in these communities and therefore we have sought to organise ourselves so as to effectively manage cricket in these communities as it’s our dream that someday in the very near future Amerindians will get to represent Guyana and West Indies at cricket,” he declared.

First Published In The Guyana Chronicle.

Wed, 07/03/2013 - 03:18