Rain rules at Arnos Vale on Day 2

KINGSTOWN, ST VINCENT - It was a frustrating day at Arnos Vale on Thursday as not a ball was bowled on Day 2 of the 2nd 'Test'.

So what do you do when rain restricts you to the dressing room? Some of the players tried football in the dressing room while others tried reading. Some just sat around and chatted. Either way, everyone would have much preferred to either be playing or watching the cricket.

From as early as 8:30AM local time, a heavy shower showed a glimpse of what was to come on Thursday. It stopped briefly but only to allow the players to get to the ground.

Once there, the groundstaff could be seen making a desperate bid to get the outfield and pitch ready for a 10:30AM start. There was no way the day would start at the scheduled 10AM.

But all the hard work they put in would be dashed by 10:30AM as another heavy shower arrived. It was so heavy and lasted so long, the players were forced to take an early lunch at 11:40AM. Ten minutes before the early lunch, the rains had again subsided. However, within minutes of lunch being taken, another heavy shower came across the ground.

By the time lunch was over, the rain again was over. It appeared Day 2 would finally start after close to 90 minutes of mopping up and spreading of sawdust to wet parts of the ground. As all the covers were rolled off the field, feeding a sense of optimism to the few fans who turned up at the ground, hopes were brought back down to the reality of the day.

Around 2PM, the ground had gotten dark. There wasn't any rain in the air but even so, it would be dangerous to allow play in such light. The Match Referee ordered the covers back on. Within minutes of the last cover coming back on, the heavy rain that promised to come burst down. Again, another short, sharp shower, but enough to leave the covers waterlogged.

Back to square one we were, where we had continuously gone back for six times throughout the day. At 2:48PM, the skies cleared, and Bequia out in the distance could be seen partially. The rigorous task of mopping up had once again begun, but to no avail, the rains returned. Minutes after four, the Umpires called time on the day's play, stating that play would start 30 minutes earlier on Day 3.

Only the birds enjoyed the weather and water on the field; swimming, flying and singing on our distress. The dampness of the day and weather forced the Umpires to eventually send everyone home. It can be said, the only thing wasn't damp was the spirit of the groundsmen.

Thu, 06/13/2013 - 11:56