Prashad cops Cricketer-of-the-Year award

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Georgetown, Guyana - All-rounder Deveshwari Prashad was voted Blairmont Centre Cricket Club (BCCC) Cricketer-of-the-Year when the West Bank Berbice entity held its second annual awards ceremony last Thursday evening.

At the event, the executive of the club honoured outstanding players and some cricket enthusiasts for their contributions to the game.

However, the lion’s share of Thursday night’s awards went to 18-year-old Kevon Jawahir, who copped the bowler -of-the-year, all-rounder, junior cricketer-of-the-year and emerging player-of-the-year prizes.

The packed auditorium, inclusive of Region Five Chairman, Bindrabhan Bisnauth, officials of the Berbice Cricket Board, club members, sponsors and other cricket officials, club president, Shabeer Baksh, was told that the period January 2012 to July 2013 was a successful one, despite numerous challenges faced by the organisation.

“The club is definitely on the upward side since its resuscitation in 2010. This club has risen to ratings of being unmatched by any other club in the West Berbice area and has been amongst some of the better clubs in Berbice. The period 2012/2013 has been a successful year, both on and off field,” Baksh said.

He said he was pleased to see the young budding cricketers of the club and urged those who were not honoured this year to strive to be there next year.

Guest speaker Bindrabhan Bisnauth, praised the BCCC on its remarkable achievements since the club was resuscitated, calling it a model organization, which every other club and national sport organisation should emulate.

The Regional Chairman advised the younger members of the club that discipline is the foundation of success and that no sports person has ever been successful without discipline. He emphasised that heeding positive advice is important while developing a culture of respect for others.

Bisnauth indicated that the regional administration will continue to work with the club to ensure the youths have a better environment.

He also commended the club’s executive for the work they have been doing for sports and community development.

Meanwhile, Jawahir, speaking on behalf of the awardees, said that being a member of the BCCC was a special privilege. He outlined that the club not only develops cricketers, but well-rounded individuals with special emphasis on discipline and personal development.

He expressed gratitude to the management of the club for its recognition of his and his peers’ contribution, pledging that they will strive for better.

The club also presented four retired teachers and cricketers for their outstanding contribution to the club. Those awardees were teachers, Bibi Ishak, Koearlall Rambarran, Rudolph Muckunlall and Thofa Alexander; the former cricketers were Hazrat Saqid, Zalim Khan, Moses Shamlall and Adrian Amsterdam.

Other awardees include: under-15 Batsman-of-the-Year Zameer Inshan, All-rounder and Cricketer-of-the-Year Rameshwar Somwaru; under-17 Batsman-of-the-Year Mohan Deodat, Bowler and Cricketer-of-the-Year Permanand Ramdhan; under-19, Batsman/wicket keeper-of-the-Year Nick Ramsaroop, All-rounder-of- the- Year Derick Narine and Batsman-of-the-Year Aviskar Sewkarran; under-21, Bowler-of-the-Year, Waqar Hassan, Batsman-of- the-Year, Deveshwari Prashad, Second Division Player-of-the-Year, Omesh Mangal, First Division Bowler-of-the-Yearm, Waqar Hassan and Batsman-of-the-Year, Deveshwari Prashad; General, Most Promising Player, Seon Glascow, Sachin Veersammy and Saheed Khan, Most Discipline Players, Derick Narine and Most Improved Players Aviskar Sewkarran and Mohan Deodat.

First Published In The Guyana Times.

Tue, 09/17/2013 - 04:04