OSCL President Albert Ramcharran says more disciplinary actions this season

Toronto, Canada - President of the Ontario Softball Cricket League (OSCL) Albert Ramcharran is sending out a strong message to players for the forthcoming cricket season that “more disciplinary actions will be taken” when all the competitions get cracking.

Reflecting on what would have transpired last year, Ramcharran believes it was not good for the game and the participants must be more disciplined and respect the umpires’ decisions.

He also commented on the fact that a large number of teams showed poor punctuality and that will be addressed seriously at the upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM), which is set for March 2 at Toronto Police Service, 23 Division (Albion and Finch) from 12:30 pm.

“I think we have to put things in place and measure for the betterment of the game; players have got to be more disciplined, be on time, stop the ‘pelting’ and respect the umpires’ decisions; so with the AGM coming up we just want to get things right and I promised to do it once I [am] re-elected,” Ramcharran, who is one of the founding members of the League, related.

Since the formation of the League, nineteen years ago, Ramcharran stated they have worked feverishly to reach this high standard they have set for the almost two decades and they want to keep up the legacy. 

He declared he and his executives worked tremendously hard in 2013 and is very optimistic they will continue with same momentum and commitment.

“We have seen the massive growth of softball cricket in Canada and I was indeed delighted to be part of its success; the support has been good but I think it is about commitment and dedication and I want to continue to be positive about the game,” the Guyanese Ramcharran who has been at the helm for the past two consecutive years, expressed.

Ramcharran also served in the capacity as vice-president for a lengthy period and was excited to be elevated as president. He is very confident the new plans for this season will be successful. The 15 and 10-over competitions should be very attractive again and teams meeting each other from both East and West End.

According to the OSCL boss, the big white ball will also be used this year after other countries playing with it already. At the Guyana Cup Three last year, the OSCL team found it difficult to bowl and bat the ball and that has prompted Ramcharran to bring the ball in his League.

In addition to that, the 25-over competition will cut to 20 and 15 overs and Ramcharran has envisioned greater participation in 2014. He stated several teams have already indicated their interest and the number of 23 teams likely to go up to 27 sides.

He also took the opportunity to mention that young players should come out and play and that onus rest on the shoulder of each team to encourage the youths.

At the OSCL presentation ceremony held last October, an enormous number players received trophies for their outstanding individual performances while several players from Guyana came up to take part in the various competitions.

Cricketer’s Cove won the major championship humbling arch-rival East Coast Cricket Club while Better Hope Sports Club emerged as the 10-over winner.

Ramcharran concluded by saying there are two positions up for grabs, the Secretary and Public Relation Officer.

The remaining members are: Terry Mathura (Vice-president), Kim Sue (Treasurer), Avi Singh (Secretary, resigned), Bobby Ramlagan (Assistant Secretary/Treasurer), Patrick Prashad (Registrar/Statistician), Public relation Officer (Shiv Persaud, resigned), Sheri Mohammed (Assistant Registrar/Statistician), Ryan Bhup (West Division Coordinator), Vish Jadunauth (East Division Coordinator), Mathura (Disciplinary Committee Chairman), Ramlagan (Disciplinary Committee Secretary), Rajendra Ramkumar (Disciplinary Committee Member), Mohamed Zakeer Yusuf (Disciplinary Committee Member) and Harri Sukhu (Disciplinary Committee Member).

Tue, 02/18/2014 - 16:05