Ontario softball cricket League planning to participate in Guyana Cup again

The Ontario Softball Cricket League (OSCL) is anticipating another good and also planning to participate in the annual Guyana Floodlights Association Mini World Cup again. Kim Sue, Treasurer, proudly declared the year that just concluded was memorable for the League and she has the anticipation of another good one which has already begun.

The Canadian featured in the last tournament but with limited success however, they will make the trip an annual affair, according to Sue.

The death of her father last October is still a huge loss to her family but his support to sport is indeed unforgettable! He was also inspiring and motivating and that is why she is ready to make more contributions to softball cricket in Canada.

Norman Sue’s charitable attitude was also a legacy and Kim is in desperation to emulate that. Reflecting on what had transpired in 2013, the softball cricketers are in for a treat again. The League has eliminated the 25-over version and reduced it to 20-over, 15-over and the continuation of the most exciting and fascinating format, the ten-ten which was inaugurated last year.

Kim expressed profound gratitude to the players first for their continued participation and then secondly to the sponsors for their loyalty in the game and finally to her fellow executives, who worked tirelessly and feverishly to run off all competitions with tremendous success.

In her second successive year as the Financial Controller for the League, Kim said she will definitely work with the same level of dedication and zeal for the betterment of the game while her Bakery business entity will play the supporting role.

“I just want to say we have started to anticipating another good year at the OSCL; once we can work with the same passion and cooperation like last year, we will see the same results; players are the ones to be congratulated for their participation because without them the games cannot be played,” Kim Sue related.

Kim also spoke about some of the things achieved by the League and must be mentioned because it can be an encouraging factor now for both the executives and potential sponsors. (A) Floodlight cricket, (B) ten-ten competition, (C) award ceremony and (D) special persons.

“Definitely looking back at all those things that took place last year were very great for our League and it shows that we have been improving in different ways to make the game lively; running off a floodlight match between the OSCL and Canada League was very pleasing while we want to thank several persons who played a part not only financially but embraced our efforts among other things,” Kim declared.

With over twenty-two teams featured in last year’s competitions, and also attracted players from Guyana, it demonstrated great professionalism by the League and the commitment by them too. Kim further stated that they would like to see the steady involvement of players while several teams have already expressed their interest to play in the upcoming season.

“We have our Annual General Meeting coming up and will put things in place for more teams’ involvement; we in our 17th year and it shows that we have a good group of executives to perform and run the cricket with success; we expecting more teams as well and that has given us the motivation to better each competitions,” Kim divulged.

When Guyana Floodlight Softball Association held its third annual mini World cup in October/November, the OSCL participated but despite the limited success, the exposure and trip were deemed very useful for them and it was declared as one of the highlights too, according to Kim.

Norman Sue whose love for cricket and by extension sports was admirable sees Kim promising to play off a competition in memory of her father and it will be named the ‘Norman Sue Cup’. 

In addition to that, she recognised three persons who normally volunteered on a regular basis and they were given a plaque each inscribing as the Norman Sue Spirit. Those individuals are: Albert Ramcharran, the current president of the OSCL and another executive (Assistant Secretary/Treasurer) Booby Ramlagan. Dereck Patram is the other recipient and he is known for his sponsorship commitment to softball.

Mon, 01/20/2014 - 12:34