New president Shallow to target new path forward


KINGSTOWN, ST. Vincent – Newly-elected president of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Cricket Association, Kishore Shallow, says he will meet with his executive this week to decide on the way forward for the sport.

Shallow was elected, unopposed, to lead the organisation on Saturday after a special meeting voted overwhelmingly, 65-25, to end Julian Jack’s nine-year stint at the helm.

An assistant secretary on Jack’s executive, Shallow along with two other members of that executive – Denis Byam and Deighton Butler – resigned ahead of the vote on Saturday. Byam and Butler were also elected to the new executive.

“It’s a great feeling. Obviously, getting the support of the affiliates at this age, it shows a lot of confidence in the youth and I am a firm believer in the youth, in their competence and ability going forward. So, it’s a great sign, for not only cricket but St. Vincent on a whole,” the 30-year-old Shallow told reporters.

He said he planned to have a retreat this week, during which the future of Vincentian cricket would be discussed. The national Under-15 team has not won a game for over three years, and have placed last for over seven consecutive years.

“One of the things we have discussed is to actually have a retreat and involve the affiliates, because it is more than just the president, more than just the executive. We have to have all the affiliates involved,” Shallow added.

This admission immediately after Saturday’s election to having had discussions about the way forward, sparked further rumours that Shallow had planned and executed Jack’s removal and was reaping the spoils of that plan.

Shallow, however, dismissed this as “pure speculation”, adding, “I mean there is absolutely no truth to it.”

He said that he had supported the petition of no-confidence against Jack, which was brought by Marvin Harry, captain of Smashers cricket team.

“I think it is a timely intervention in terms of the change of St. Vincent cricket. And in terms of my involvement, it was pretty much just to support the petition, like the other 40 affiliates who signed to the document.”

Shallow also denied canvassing ahead of the vote.

“Well, no. Persons came and asked me if I was interested in the presidency and, of course, I told them yes, and, of course again, it’s not only about a president, because a president without a competent executive and willing to work, can’t achieve anything,” he explained.

“So, it is about selecting the right team as well, and once the other guys who I believe in expressed their confidence, I said sure I am up for the challenge.”

Asked why, in light of the composition of the new executive he thinks his tenure will be different to that of Jack's, Shallow said: “It is a new leadership.”

He commended Jack on his tenure, saying: “He has served well in the past, but there comes a point when you have to move and that is the stage we are now.

“I am sure he will be lending support to the new executive in the future. But leadership is key, and with my experience, despite being a youth, I hope that the confidence and competence of myself could actually lead this executive and lead cricket in a totally new direction.”


Mon, 05/26/2014 - 10:23