Mentore retains DCC presidency

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Georgetown, Guyana - Amidst lots of chaos and confusion which reigned for over an hour at the Lance Gibbs Street, Queenstown-based Demerara Cricket Club (DCC), incumbent Alfred Mentore retained the stewardship of the club known as the ‘Home of the Legends’, unanimously and unchallenged, last Thursday night at the upper pavilion of the club.

The confusion, which was quelled for a brief period, where national Super50 skipper Christopher Barnwell give a motivational speech, stemmed from some members, who were not in a good financial standing with the club, being denied the right to exercise their votes.

A vote was cast by the electorate who are deemed to be in good financial standing, to decide whether or not those members who are not in good financial standing, should be allowed to vote, following which a unanimous verdict of NO was reached.

More confusion erupted while the results of that mini-vote were being announced. Barnwell called for peace and tranquillity in his speech which was applauded by those present including Honorary Secretary of the Guyana Cricket Board Anand Sanasie and GCB Marketing Manager Raj Singh.

Mentore, who was being challenged for the position of presidency by present president of the Georgetown Cricket Association (GCA) in Guyana and West Indies all-rounder Roger Harper, then made the announcement of Bish Panday, a former GCA president, as the Returning Officer.

Again, there was more confusion with several members of DCC from both factions of the floor challenging the legality of the elections, with some members, who were offering their unwavering support to Harper, opting to keep a separate meeting on the opposite side of the venue.

However, when all was said and done and the dust had settled, Mentore was re-elected for another year, having as his deputies, Ian John and Ruth Howard, with Howard being asked to serve in the capacity of Administrator.

Seon Greaves retained his position of secretary while there is a new treasurer in Darren Torrington. Ullanda Wiltshire was asked to execute the office of assistant secretary/treasurer and Shalim Baksh Public Relations Officer (PRO).

Jamal Hinckson will take over as club captain, while there are five committee members in Alliance For Change (AFC) Parliamentarian and shadow Minister of Sport, Trevor Williams, Garvin Nedd, Lyndon Lyght, Kevin George and Ron Amos.

First Published In The Guyana Chronicle.

Mon, 04/28/2014 - 04:14