Martin steps down as Leewards captain

ST. JOHN’S, Antigua – Anthony Martin said that Leeward Islands failed to live up to expectations in the Caribbean Twenty20 tournament because the side was wrought with disunity and chaos.

The West Indies leg-spinner led the Leewards in the tournament which ended last Sunday in Barbados, but said he had no desire to skipper the side in the Regional 4-day tournament, scheduled to open on February 3.

“I don’t think I am going to be able to manage the captaincy again,” Martin told the local daily Antigua Observer in an interview.

“I just want to play as a normal player. I don’t think I am able to manage that sort of role because that role is a funny role.”

He said: “If you say Antigua team, I would be comfortable being captain of Antigua, where everybody knows our aim, everybody knows our goal, everybody knows what we are all about, so it is easy to go out and deal with a team like that.

“But with Leeward Islands where you have guys (who) just want to do as they feel like, I can’t deal with that.”

Martin called for sweeping changes to the squad, complaining that some players wanted to do their own thing.

“I find the coach did a good job,” he said. “He tried his best with the guys that he had to work with, but I really think that we need some different faces in the team.

“I think so personally because what we have here isn’t working, so we might as well try something new.”

He added: “We have guys coming in over a period of time and they’re just doing the same things and it is not getting us anywhere. I think I tried harder in that T20 tournament than I ever tried before.

“Others might look from the outside and say Martin this and Martin that and yes, (they) are on the outside and have their opinion. You can say what you like, what you feel or what you think. But I am (saying) straight up, I think I tried harder than I ever tried before playing any cricket.”

Martin also said that enough is not being done to ensure players are prepared for the tournaments.

“Myself and the (Leeward Islands) president, we are good friends, but the truth is the truth and that’s the fact,” he said.

“Administratively, we need to do something so that the players could stand the best possible chance when they go out there to represent, and at this appointed time, that isn’t happening.

He said: “Something like (the Antigua Barracuda pro football team) set-up could work, but who is going to take up that responsibility because when Stanford had the pro-team running, Antigua & Barbuda cricket was on a rise.

“I think the team really under-performed (in the CT20) and I think the reason for that is a lack of cricket. I don’t think we are playing enough in the Leewards. Other countries are playing a lot of cricket and we are not playing enough as far as I see it.”
Leewards finished fourth in Group-A of the CT20 with four points following one victory and three losses.

Thu, 01/26/2012 - 12:03