It would be unfortunate if the Bourda sports academy doesn’t materialize – Clive Lloyd

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Georgetown, Guyana - Legendary former West Indies captain and Clive Lloyd said it would be unfortunate if the proposed Bourda sports academy at the Georgetown Cricket Club (GCC) and Georgetown Football Club (GFC) grounds does not materialise.

Clive Lloyd

The comment came in wake of the of the NEW GPC INC/CPL OP CO withdrawing its plans for merging the two facilities into a “world class stadium, with all its amenities” due to some misconceptions carried in the Kaieteur News on November 30.

 Lloyd believes that the architects of the academy and stadium have the development of sport at heart, especially cricket, and therefore all Guyana should embrace the idea of the merger.

He told Guyana Times Sport on Sunday that this idea was floated some 25 years ago to some influential people in society, but it was not followed up on.

Another chance

However, he opined that this is another chance for this project to come to fruition, stating that he is confident in the architects of the merger, NEW GPC and owner of the Guyana Amazon Warriors franchise.

 The idea of a merger was also proposed for the two facilities to be merged in 2007 for the International Cricket Council (ICC) World Cup in the Caribbean.

 The two-time World Cup captain of 1975 and 1979 emphasised that Executive Chairman of Queens Atlantic Investment Inc (QAII), the parent company for NEW GPC, Dr Ranjisinghi Ramroop, through the acquisition of the Guyana Amazon Warriors and the massive investment in the Limacol Caribbean Premier League (LCPL) brought back cricket to people of Guyana, referring to him as a “man of action”.

 The 69-year-old Lloyd insisted that what Dr Ramroop and the NEW GPC/CPL OP CO  are doing is paving the way for a “worthy downpayment on Guyana’s future and no one should be allowed hamper that progress”.

 Further, he believes that all stakeholders should sit with the government and opposition to ensure this project doesn’t “fail or flounder”.

 Lloyd believes that if the merger should go through, it has the potential of creating one of the best stadia in the Caribbean, equipped with a Velodrome, football pitch, hockey and tennis courts, and an arena for international cricket to return to Bourda.

 “Sport provides scholastic opportunities for wholesome human development. It is also a catalyst for good health. A healthy society is the underpinning of for a productive nation,” Lloyd said.

“On every continent of the world, even the casual observer would discern that sport has always been on the cutting edge of progress and the vehicle for fostering peace and unity,” he added.

 “As a nation we must seek to create such an environment and provide opportunities and facilities for purposeful and meaningful participation by our students and youth in the various disciplines of sports. Such an investment in our youth is a worthy down payment on Guyana’s future,” Lloyd concluded.


Meanwhile, clearing up the misconceptions published in another section of the press the principals of the LCPL T20 league noted in a statement as follows:

(1) It was the members of the board of GCC, who initiated the discussions with representatives of the Limacol brand to have a number of LCPL games scheduled at Bourda.

(2) During subsequent discussions, it was pointed out that as far back as the scheduling of the International Cricket Council (ICC) T-20 World Cup cricket tournament of 2007, the facilities at Bourda could not satisfy the criteria for international cricket at the highest level. It was conceded that subsequently, the facilities had continued to decline in an exponential fashion.

 (3) The principals of the Limacol brand reiterated their concern over the impact of this decline on the city of Georgetown in general and on its cricket and football heritage in particular, from economic, social and sport development standpoints.


(4) The Limacol brand then submitted a proposal that addressed these issues:

 (a) The world class stadium, with all its amenities, would have returned international cricket and football to Georgetown along with an economic resurgence;

 (b) The financial structure of the endeavour would have ensured that GCC and GFC share in the profits generated, which would have enabled these clubs to return to their glory years.

 (c) The principals of Limacol are particular proud of their proposed cricket and football academy. The youths of Georgetown, as with any city in the world, need positive outlets for their energy.

 The academy could have been one of the institutions that would have provided the support and guidance to the many who are talented in the sports. The overall countrywide development of cricket and football would also have been facilitated.

 (5) The question of financing for the proposed stadium has been raised. The Limacol brand is proud that it put its money where its mouth was on the idea of professional T-20 Cricket in the Caribbean.

 There were many who doubted the venture would be successful. We demonstrated that the private sector could deliver a world class tournament second to none.

 Based on this demonstrated success, the financial community and CPL OPCO Guyana Inc have indicated that they stand ready to back the Limacol proposal.

 (6) In light of the misrepresentation of the proposal, the principals of Limacol have decided that they will not proceed further with its offer on the Bourda project. In the world of business, into which cricket had ventured in the present millennium, the issue of confidentiality is crucial and it is evident that this requirement will pose a problem for any joint venture between the Limacol brand and the GCC and GFC.

 (7) Finally, the principals of the Limacol brand would caution those that would continually deride those from the business community that seek to develop their companies and in so doing benefit the country. The Limacol Bourda Stadium and Sports Academy is an opportunity lost to all Georgetown, Guyana and to the country’s youths who are inclined toward sports.

First Published In The Guyana Times.

Mon, 12/02/2013 - 03:09