Guyana will have lots more cricket- Sanasie

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GEORGETOWN, GUYANA - Secretary of the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB)  Anand Sanasie, who is also a Director on the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB), yesterday, disclosed that Guyana will be hosting a lot of International Cricket henceforth.

This was stated in a press briefing at the Guyana National Stadium hosted by President of the WICB, Dave Cameron, WICB Vice President Emmanuel Nanthan and WICB Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Michael Muirhead.

The purpose of the media conference was to announce the decisions taken at the board of directors’ meeting that took place on Saturday at the Pegasus Hotel in Guyana.

Guyana accommodated the first One Day International (ODI) of Pakistan’s tour to the West Indies and is set to host the second match tomorrow at the same venue.

It was just over two years ago since the last match was held here. Laughingly enough West Indies defeated Pakistan in that match by ten wickets.

Sanasie and the GCB were praised by the head table for having sold out attendances for both matches, adding that the WICB was quite pleased with their capacity to achieve the feat.

At the board of directors’ meeting, the WICB took a further look into Regional Cricket and the challenges that it faces.

They made several moves to help develop West Indies cricket in years to come. One of which was adding bonus points for batting and bowling etc., and having less emphasis on first innings versus winning the game.

They decided to run a separate 50-over tournament from the four-day tournament which will take effect from next year. The Super-50 will be run off  in the month of January since there is no more Caribbean T20, just the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) that will be run in the summer.

The WICB President said the board agreed on a number of committees to help in the progression of West Indies Cricket, one of which is the ‘Retired Players Foundation’. This was because of the issues they have had with the retired players in the past and how they feel about West Indies Cricket.

Another committee they agreed on was the Permanent Fund Committee that will be working along with the West Indies Players Association (WIPA).

Concluding, Cameron stated that one of the main concerns they have always had from the wider public is their Corporate Governance Structure and how they operate their business. He noted that in the past the WICB had two reports: one from the Honourable Prime Minister P.J Patterson and Mr. Ernest Wilkinson, QC of St. Lucia.

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Mon, 07/15/2013 - 03:40