Guyana will do well, says former National youth player, Richard Jodha

Guyana Chronicle article.

GEORGETOWN, GUYANA - Former top National youth cricketer Richard Jodha believes that the National Under-17 cricket team, who have never won the West Indies Cricket Board Regional title, can do well in this year’s regional tournament.

This, he said, depends on whether the youngsters are prepared to be persistent, team players, determined and apply discipline; as over the years more and more talented and skilful players are being identified. 

“There are a number of very young but talented players in Guyana so winning the regional title is not out of our reach once the guys are disciplined, determined, persistent and are team players,” he told Chronicle Sport.

Jodha, who was viewed by many as having the potential of making it to the West Indies team because of his on-and-off-field skills and abilities, said it is of paramount importance that the youngsters remain focused on what they are tasked with. 

He pointed out that while there is a lot of distraction in sports today, remaining focused and disciplined is pivotally important to the success of any team and/or player. 

He said that while he has no major regrets in giving up his cricketing career in exchange for a professional working career he still loves the game and has been making personal and significant contributions to the acquisition of sporting gear for a number of players, adding that he gives back because he understands the many difficulties and challenges talented players face.

“It’s never easy when you can’t afford and you  need gear that will help you in advancing your ability, so giving back is something that I have always committed myself to doing, so that these youngsters can go after their dreams,” he said.

The former Guyana and Georgetown Cricket Club player said that a number of players are seeing their careers and opportunities disappear because of their inability to handle stress and difficult situations. 

He said that while the on-field performance is important the off-field performance is equally important and stressed that too many of our talented players are destroying themselves with their off-field behavior, thus denying themselves their rightful advancement of a career. 

“It’s sad sometimes when you look at how some of our youngsters conduct themselves off the field and what is important to note is that the players must understand the importance of conducting themselves off the field very professionally,” he reiterated.

He said while significant concentration is placed on the performance of Under-19 and senior team, what is done at the Under-15 and U-17 levels is equally important because it helps to lay the foundation for what is to come. 

Stressing on the need for the public to give more support to the Under-15 and U-17 players, Jodha pointed out that they can play a pivotal role in helping to better shape the future of Guyana and West Indies cricketing stars. 

“Being able to identify the talent and potential at an early age is very important as it would help the public in giving the required support and/or assistance to that player so that he can achieve his/her goals,” he noted.

Jodha said that much interest is not shown when a Regional U-15 or U-17 competition is being held, so he is issuing a passionate appeal to his fellow countrymen and women to pay attention and be aware of the team’s and individual performances. 

“This,” he declared, “will better help us to know how each and every member of the team has performed after the tournament.

“It’s our team and therefore I strongly believe that we should rally around them as I believe that, coupled with the support of all Guyanese, the guys can be motivated and encouraged to do very well,” he declared.

First Published In The Guyana Chronicle.

Sat, 06/29/2013 - 08:53