Guyana dump Leewards, T&T fall short

St Elizabeth, Jamaica - Day 1 of the first round of matches in the Regional Under 15 tournament was completed today across three venues in Jamaica.

Here are the details:

AT ALPART - Guyana v Leeward Islands

Guyana destroyed the Leeward Islands inside one day by an innings and 32 runs. Batting first, Ronaldo Mohammed crushed the top order, taking four wickets for three runs in his first six overs to leave the Leewards reeling at 11/4. Things would only get worst as the Leewards were bowled out for just 44.

Mohammed finished with 7-11 while S Hathiramani had 2-7. Guyana responded with 122/5 from 39 overs. Mohammed was also the star with the bat, hitting 22.

With the Leewards starting their second innings on the same day, Mohammed returned to taunt the batsmen, this time finishing with 6-11 to finish with match figures of 13-22. R Luknauth took 2-9 in the second innings.

Leeward Islands 1st Innings

Joshua Grant L.B.W. Mohamed 0

Dimitri Adams* c A.Sukwah Mohamed 16

Michael Lewis b Mohamed 3

Zawandi White b Mohamed 0

Demari Prince+ b Mohamed 1

Jamuel Cabey c B.Yadram Hathiramani 3

Javani Tyson c D. Persaud b Hathiramani 0

Jerelius Louis run out (B.Yadram) 11

Marcus Duberry NOT OUT 3

Tassilo Allen b Mohamed 1

Zidanne Douglas b Mohamed 0

Total: 46 All Out (35 Overs)

Extras: (1B, 4LB, 3WD) 8

Guyana 1st Innings Bowling: Ronaldo Mohamed 12-5-11-7, Vickram Talmakund 6-0-7-0 (2WD), Richie Luknauth 6-3-9-0, Sagar Hathiramani 7-3-7-2, Ashmead Nedd 4-0-7-0

Guyana 1st Innings

Bhaskar Yadram* c D. Adams Allen 6

Raymond Perez st D. Prince Duberry 12

Adrian Sukwah+ c J. Tyson Cabey 53

Darshan Persaud run out (Z. Douglas) 6

Ronaldo Mohamed c D. Prince Cabey 22

Timothy McAlmont NOT OUT 8

Mark Williams NOT OUT 0

Did not bat...

Ashmead Nedd

Vickram Talmakund

Richie Luknauth 

Sagar Hathiramani

Total: 122/5 (39 Overs)

Extras: (1B, 2LB, 3NB, 9WD) 15

Leeward Islands 1st Innings Bowling: Javani Tyson 10-1-25-0 (1NB,5WD), Jamuel Cabey 9-0-28-2 (1NB,4WD), Tassilo Allen 7-1-31-1, Marcus Duberry 7-2-10-1, Jerelius Louis 3-0-11-0 (1NB), Zidanne Douglas 3-0-14-0

Leeward Islands 2nd Innings

Joshua Grant b Mohamed 0

Dimitri Adams* c S.Hathiramani Mohamed 4

Michael Lewis b Mohamed 0

Zawandi White b Talmakund 3

Demari Prince+ st. A Sukwah Luknauth 10

Jamuel Cabey b Nedd 4

Javani Tyson NOT OUT 11

Jerelius Louis st A.Sukwah Luknauth 3

Marcus Duberry L.B.W. Mohamed 2

Tassilo Allen b Mohamed 1

Zidanne Douglas L.B.W. Mohamed 0

Total: 44 All Out (25.4 Overs)

Extras: (1B, 1LB, 1NB, 3WD) 6

Guyana 2nd Innings Bowling: Ronaldo Mohamed 7.4-4-11-6 (1WD), Vickram Talmakund 6-2-15-1 (1NB), Richie Luknauth 7-1-9-2, Ashmead Nedd 5-1-7-1 (1WD).

Result: Guyana won by an Innings and 32 runs

Toss: Leeward Islands and Batted

Umpires: Christopher Wright & Guyanand Sukhdeo

Match Referee: Cecil Fletcher


AT STETHS - Jamaica v Barbados

Reigning champions Barbados took first inning honours against hosts Jamaica yesterday in the West Indies Under-15 two-day cricket match at the St Elizabeth Technical High School (STETHS) playing field.

At the close of the opening day, Jamaica reached 68-2 in their second innings courtesy of unbeaten knocks of 28 and 26 from Ricardo McIntosh and Rajhni Roye, respectively.

Barbados pace bowler Jarion Hoyte has so far taken 2-13.

Scores: Jamaica 149-6 (40 overs) and 68-2 (24 overs); Barbados 157-8 (40 overs)

Earlier, Jamaica batted first and were guided by Dominic Samuels (38) and Keshawn Beale (21) in mustering 149-6 off the allotted 40 overs.

Hoyte was the main man for the Barbados outfit — which beat Jamaica in the 2012 competition in St Kitts — in grabbing 2-52.

In reply, Barbados, led by Limar Pierce's 47 not out, edged to an important 157-8 in their 40 overs.

Ian Spence led Jamaica's bowling with 3-35. Courtesy The Jamaica Observer

Jamaica 1st Innings

Rashjni Roye c Bishop Cole 5

Richard McIntosh c Stout b Hoyte 0

Kashawn Beale c Brathwaite Bishop 21

Brad Barnes Run Out 17

Dominik Samules c S Tout Hoyte 38

Jeavor Royal c Hoyte Holder 19

Shalomel Parnell Not Out 20

Raewin Senior Not Out 6

Did not bat...

Michael Harriott

Ian Spence

Joshe Burrell

Total: 149/6 (40 Overs)

Extras: (7B, 3LB, 2NB, 11WD) 23

Barbados 1st Innings Bowling: Jarion Hoyte 11-1-52-2, Jamon Cole 4-0-9-1, Joshua Bishop 10-3-22-1, Kemar Burrowes 9-3-21-0, Nagee Holder 6-0-35-1

Barbados 1st Innings

Daniel Cheshan run out (Royal) 15

Thian Brathwaite c Roye Harriot 1

Shaquane Cave b Spence 22

Jheddaeus Chase c Roye b Senior 22

Limar Pierce NOT OUT 47

Nagee Holder c Gray Spence 18

Joshua Bishop c Parnell b Harriot 16

Jarion Hoyte run out (Samuels) 1

Michael Stuart b Spence 1

Kemar Burrowes NOT OUT 0

Did not bat...

Jamon Cole

Total: 157/8 (40 Overs)

Extras: (1B, 0LB, 3NB, 10WD) 14

Jamaica 1st Innings Bowling: Michael Harriot 8-1-29-2, Shalome Parnell 4-1-21-0, Ian Spence 16-3-55-3, Brad Barnes 5-0-19-0, Raewin Senior 4-0-10-1, Jeavor Royal 3-0-22-0

Jamaica 2nd Innings

Richard McIntosh Not Out 28

Kashawn Beale c Chesham Hoyte 3

Raewin Senior b Hoyte 0

Rashjni Roye Not Out 26

Total: 68/2 (24 Overs)

Extras: (1LB, 8NB, 2WD) 11

Barbados 2nd Innings Bowling: Jarion Hoyte 4-0-13-2, Jamon Cole 4-0-9-0, Joshua Bishop 6-2-12-0, Kemar Burrowes 5-1-18-1, Nagee Holder 4-0-9-0, Shaquane Cave 1-0-2-0

State of Match: Barbados won 1st innings points

Toss: Barbados and chose to Field


AT MANLEY HORN - T&T v Windward Islands

Although captain Kirstan Kallicharan and opening batsman Keagan Simmons had good performances yesterday for the national under-15 cricket team, they narrowly lost first innings to the Windward Islands as action bowled off in the West Indies Cricket Board Regional Under-15 tournament in Jamaica.

Bowling first at the Manley Horn Ground, T&T dismissed the Windward Islands for 135 in exactly 33 overs. Each team were allotted 33 overs in the first innings, rather than 37 overs due to a late start. Kallicharan showed that he is not only lethal with the bat, taking 5/19 with his right-arm leg spin. He was ably supported by Joel Sutherland and Emilio Gopaul, who grabbed 3/14 and 2/19 respectively.

Sutherland was the most economical, only conceding 14 runs in ten overs. Johnell Eugene top-scored with 42 for the Windwards. T&T would have been disappointed that the Windwards got to 135, because at one stage, they were 55/4 after 20 overs. T&T leaked 80 runs in the last 13 overs.

In reply, left-handed Simmons struck a half-century (56), as T&T got to 133/5 off their 33 overs. This gave the Windwards a slim two-run lead on first innings. Simmons was supported by Kallicharan, who made 30. Auck Anthenaze was the pick of the bowlers, snatching 2/31. Courtesy The Trinidad Guardian

Windward Islands 1st Innings

Nick Elibox b Sutherland 18

Johann Jeremiah c S. Batoosingh Gopaul 11

Emmanuel Stewart c & b Sutherland 4

Leic Charles b Sutherland 2

Johnell Eugene c C. Thurton Kallicharan 42

Denzil James c K.Simmons Gopaul 17

Darron Nedd b Kallicharan 6

Shane Roberts L.B.W. Kallicharan 8

Alick Anthanaze b Kallicharan 0

Stuart Calderon c S. Seechar Kallicharan 0

Daneal Dupingy NOT OUT 2

Total: 135 All Out (33 Overs)

Extras: (15B, 3LB, 4NB, 3WD) 25

Trinidad & Tobago 1st Innings Bowling: Amrit Kistow 8-0-34-0, Joel Sutherland 10-4-14-3, Emilo Gopaul 6-1-19-2, Aaron Mairam 3-0-21-0, Kirstan Kallicharan 4-0-19-5, Saiba Batoosingh 2-0-10-0

Trinidad & Tobago 1st Innings

Keagan Simmons run out (N. Elibox) 56

Aaron Sinanan run out (D. Dupigny) 2

Kirstan Kallicharan c D. James b Charles 30

Saiba Batoosingh L.B.W. Anthanaze 14

Crystian Thurton c D. Dupingy Anthanaze 5

Emilo Gopaul NOT OUT 4

Did not bat...

Sachin Seecharan

Aaron Mairam

Leonardo Julien

Amrit Kistow

Joel Sutherland

Total: 134/5 (33 Overs)

Extras: (15B, 2LB, 1NB, 5WD) 23

Windward Islands 1st Innings Bowling: Darron Nedd 6-2-18-0 (5WD), Shane Roberts 6-1-11-0, Daneal Dupigny 5-0-24-0 Alick Anthanaze 10-2-31-2 (1NB), Leic Charles 3-0-19-1 , Nick Elibox 3-0-14-0

State of Match: Windward Islands took 1st innings points

Toss: Trinidad & Tobago and Fielded

Umpires: Christopher Taylor and Athol Hamilton

Fri, 07/12/2013 - 17:58