Greenidge passes on advice to Wisbech

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PETERBOROUGH, ENGLAND - West Indies cricket legend Gordon Greenidge spent a day passing on his top-class skills at Wisbech Grammar School.

The highlight of the day (June 12) was the early evening session with the school first XI when Greenidge who, with Desmond Haynes notched up the highest total for a batting partnership in Test cricket history, worked on the boys’ stroke play and set fields to encourage the students to place the ball into the gaps in order to rotate the strike and wait for the bad ball.

In the morning he visited the preparatory school, Magdalene House, and helped the three under nine teams to improve their batting and bowling. He also encouraged the youngsters to represent their school, to play with their fathers at home and to join a club, and afterwards they set up their own games of cricket during the lunch break.

During lunch he worked with the under 15 and under 14 teams, working on the players’ batting technique and encouraging them to move their feet and play correct shots. He also worked with the bowlers to get them to bowl in the right areas.

In the afternoon he took the under 13 and under 12 teams on to the square, where they played conditioned games to practice their shots and sharpen their running between the wickets.

Head of boys’ sport Phillip Webb said: “Gordon took time to talk to the boys and encourage them to play as much cricket as possible. He also emphasised that players should stay and talk about the game after matches have finished, as that was how he learned more about the game. Indeed, he sat talking to the first XI long after the session had finished.

“He is a legendary cricketer and certainly proved to be an inspiration and wonderful motivator for the cricketers at Wisbech Grammar School. At break times there are now games of cricket being played all over the school fields.”

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Wed, 06/12/2013 - 08:32