GCU&SA, DCU&SA congratulate Duguid for on field int’l debut

Kaieteur News article.

Georgetown, Guyana - The Georgetown and Demerara Cricket Umpires and Scorers Associations have extended congratulations to Nigel Duguid on his on field international debut.

Duguid officiated in the second t20 game between West Indies and Ireland at Sabina Park, Jamaica.

The full text of the message from president of both associations, Shannon Crawford reads; “As President of GCU&SA and DCU&SA, I extend my joyous and heartfelt congratulations to you on your latest umpiring achievement in what is just one more step as you climb the ladder of International Umpiring. Your Quiet, Firm, Fair, Impeccable and Astute Personality make an ideal character for the Noble task of Cricket Umpiring. You are truly an inspiration to me and all aspiring Umpires in Guyana. Keep up the Good Work.”

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Fri, 02/21/2014 - 21:07