GCB Secretary donates gear to Wales

Guyana Times article.

Georgetown, Guyana - The Wales Community Centre Cricket Club received a quantity of cricket gear from Secretary of the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB), Anand Sanasie, at a simple presentation ceremony last Saturday after Wales CDC defeated a team from St. Cuthbert’s Mission in an invitational match.

Sanasie, a West Indies Cricket Board Director, urged the players to ensure they take good care of the equipment and gear presented, as cricket is an expensive game and good gear comes at a significant cost.

Wales Community Centre Cricket Club’s senior team captain, Ramesh Takur (left), receives the cricket gear from GCB Secretary, Anand Sanasie

He also called on the senior players of the club to pass on their knowledge to the youngsters and to ensure that discipline and teamwork are practised.

The club’s senior team captain, Ramesh Takur, thanked the West Demerara businessman for his interest in the youths’ development at Wales,  assured him that the club values the timely presentation and he would personally ensure that the equipment are secured and cared properly.

First Published In The Guyana Times.

Sat, 03/15/2014 - 20:49