GCB to host Scorers’ Workshop

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Georgetown, Guyana - The Guyana Cricket Board will be conducting a Scorers’ Workshop from 09: 30 hrs to 13:00hrs today at the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport Resource Centre in Woolford Avenue, Georgetown.

Participants will be drawn from all parts of the country and are encouraged to be prompt for these sessions.

This Scorers’ Workshop will be the first of three (3) such courses/activities planned in developing the knowledge base and skills of scorers and potential scorers. Topics to be addressed at this first Scorers’ Workshop will be: Introduction to Basic Scoring, Equipment needed for Scoring, Symbols used in Scoring, Umpire Signals, Acknowledgement of Signals and Scoring – the Practical Way.

Upon successful completion of this first scoring workshop, these individuals will be exposed to a second Scorers’ Workshop which will focus on ‘Scoring using the Box Hill method,’ which will be followed by a third workshop, which will have its emphasis on ‘Computer Scoring.’ The dates for the 2nd and 3rd sessions would be announced soon.

Linden Wilson will head the team of facilitators which will include Trevor Hossein.

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Tue, 04/29/2014 - 03:26