GCB Development Officer spots talent in riverine community … will seek to lend assistance

Guyana Chronicle article.

GEORGETOWN, GUYANA - Developmental Officer with the Guyana Cricket Board, Monty Lynch, has spotted a number of young talented players who he believes  have the potential to make it big.

Lynch was on a tour to the riverine community where he conducted a one-day intense programme and was treated to an exchange match.

Lynch noted that there are a number of talented players but urged them to remain focused and determined to the sport stressing that success is eminent if they are disciplined and dedicated.

He told the youngsters about his board’s plans to further develop the sport in the community urging them to remain committed. “You have talented players in your communities but let me remind you about the importance of being determined and dedicated as with discipline you can and will go far,” he said.

A number of young players turned out to be part of the Developmental Officer’s one-day camp and were elated to be coached on several cricketing tips as they seek to further enhance their careers. “What I am very impressed with is the eagerness, zeal and zest to play the sport and while you are all aspiring to make the national team I firmly believe that it’s not far when we will see Amerindian players making the Guyana squad,” he declared to cheers and applause from those in attendance.

Lynch said that he is prepared with the help of the cricket board to lend whatever assistance that he can in helping to push the sport in the community. It was with this comment that sparked the expression of interest by several teachers to have the Scotiabank-sponsored Kiddies Cricket implemented in their community. He said that he will seek to encourage the GCB to implement similar programmes and initiatives that he firmly believes will aid in enhancing the skills and talent that exist in the riverine communities.

“There is evidently no doubt that there are some talented young players that exist here and with the help of the GCB we will seek to further enhance and guide the players.

“I enjoyed this visit as it has opened my eyes to issues and talents that exist in these communities while it affords me an opportunity to interact with a number of young players as I seek to lend whatever assistance and help I can,” the GCB Development Officer said.

Meanwhile several of the young players who benefited from the visit spoke to this media house about their experience.

They all expressed consensus that they were pleased to be visited by the Development Officer, issuing a passionate appeal for more regular visits.

“We want to play cricket like the rest of Guyana and we are really in need of help and hope that corporate Guyana would come forward and help,” a young player from the community said.

Another player said, “It is refreshing to note that there are persons with the calibre of Mr Lynch who can recognise that talent exists here and we hope that the relevant authorities would seek to help us as we press on with our determination and desire to play cricket at the highest possible level”

Lynch, while not giving details as to his return visit, promised the players that he will seek to record their concerns with a view of having it addressed by the relevant authorities at the Guyana Cricket Board.

First Published In The Guyana Chronicle.

Wed, 07/03/2013 - 03:16