ECCB 40-over cricket slated for Sunday

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Georgetown, Guyana - The East Coast Cricket Board (ECCB) is continuing its 40-over cricket competition with seven matches scheduled for Sunday.

Competitions Chairman, Raymond Barton and the ECCB is calling the authorities who has the responsibility for the preparation of the grounds and facilities on the East Coast (the NDCs, IMCs and GUYSUCO) to make a special effort to get the facilities in playing shape.

“In most cases, all that is required is cutting the playing area and the preparation of the pitch. It has been more than five weeks since the resumption of the cricket on the East Coast and the ECCB is finding it difficult to organise matches consisting of forty-one (41) teams with only seven grounds available. It must be noted that East Coast (Abary to Ogle) has twenty-six cricket grounds”, Barton lamented

Sunday’s fixtures

Fairfield vs Cane Grove at Fairfield

Bravados vs Preseverence at Unity

Strathavon vs Helena 1-2 at Strathavon

Enterprise (B) vs Mon Repos (Development) at Enterprise

Better Hope (B) vs Ogle (Blue) at Better Hope

Lusignan (B) vs Plaisance at Lusignan

Ogle (Red) vs Enterprise (A) at Ogle

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Fri, 10/25/2013 - 05:05