Early Christmas for Skeldon

Georgetown, Guyana – Community Development Officer and Manager of the Skeldon Cricket Club Linden Murray said that Santa Claus came early for his club in 2011.

Skeldon received GY$720,000 from the WICB Super Club Assistance Programme during the just concluded Regional Super50 Tournament played in Guyana and Murray said it is like Christmas in Skeldon.

“This is live Christmas in October because it is the single largest injection of funds Skeldon CC has ever gotten and we are so happy about it because it will go a long way for our development,” an elated Murray said.

The funds will be used to purchase much needed gear and execute training programmes for young and senior cricketers.

“The Super Club Assistance Programme is really good for clubs like Skeldon and the collaboration with the WICB, the Guyana Cricket Board and the clubs is really wonderful,” Murray added.

Skeldon was paired with Super50 champions Jamaica and received GY$100,000 (US$500) for every Jamaican victory. The club also received GY$10,000 for every six hit by the Jamaicans and every wicket they took via the bowled route.

A total of GY$2,190,000 (US$10,950) was paid out to the eight clubs which were selected to participate in the programme.

“This programme really energised not only the club but the whole community of Skeldon because we were all following the games and keeping count,” Murray revealed.

“We had a meeting when we were selected and we said at the meeting that we would like to be paired with Jamaica so when the results of the draw came out we were ecstatic and we want to thank the Jamaicans for the victories, sixes and ‘bowled downs’ and we congratulate them on winning the Super50,” said the administrator of the club which is located in east Berbice.

McGill Cricket Club which pocketed GY$480,000 also got paired with the team they wanted and had a group of club members following their partner team – Trinidad and Tobago – at every match.

“We went to every one of their games and supported them all the way,” club President and captain Sudesh Persaud said.

“It was difficult for us when Trinidad played Guyana in the semi final but we decided that we cannot be ungrateful and we continued to support Trinidad and Tobago all the way,” Persaud said.

“This programme is so wonderful and we are so happy and appreciative to the West Indies Cricket Board because the funds we get will help towards building a pavilion and a changing room at our home ground,” Persaud revealed.

McGill CC, Persaud said, is grateful beyond expression because they are currently in the process of completing the pitch and outfield for their home ground. Previously they competed successfully in competitions even without the benefit of having a home ground.

Complete listing of winnings

Skeldon Cricket Club (Jamaica) – GY$720,000

McGill Cricket Club (Trinidad and Tobago) - GY$480,000

Gandhi Youth Org. (Guyana) - GY$330,000

Zeeburg Cricket Club (CCC) - GY$290,000

Enterprise Cricket Club (HPC) - GY$230,000

South Essequibo Cricket Club (Leewards) - GY$90,000

Blairmont Community Centre (Windwards) - GY$40,000

Bayrock Sports Club (Barbados) - GY$10,000

Total: GY$2,190,000 (US$10,950)

Mon, 10/31/2011 - 15:08