Dollar cricket tourney to aid TT development

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Port of Spain, Trinidad - Young budding cricketers at the Penal/Quinam Government Primary School will have the opportunity to showcase their talent and earn some much needed cash at the Inter-Class Dollar Cricket Competition starting today at 9:30 am.

The competition is the brainchild of Fizes Hosein— president of the International Sports and Cultural Academy (ISACA). 

Details of the tournament will be ironed out today but Hosein explained that the tournament is targeting the holistic development of Trinidad and Tobago- starting from the primary schools and continuing all the way to the workplace. 

“The performances of these young cricketers at this competition will pave the way for similar and improving performances on the national teams, while at the same time, will play a key role in their overall development for the workplace” Hosein explained. 

The dollar cricket competition, which Hosein started at schools on the North Coast of Trinidad, will award students with $1 for each run scored. 

A $5 reward will be given to players who take a catch with the same amount going to the bowler who takes a wicket. In addition, the batsman hitting a four or a six will each collect $4 or $10 respectively. 

Meanwhile the team that wins the inter-class tourney will walk away with a trophy and a cash prize of $500. The runner-up team will get $300 while the class that finishes third will receive $200. 

Fizes Hosein presents sports gear to the students and staff at Penal/Quinam Government Primary School....

However Hosein explained that he is more concerned with the development of the youngsters which is something needed today. He laments the spate of unwanted crimes which he admits, are being committed by youngsters. He feels that if young people are given the avenues to channel their energies from a tender age, it will minimise the crime rate in TT. 

The ISACA boss announced that the dollar cricket sponsorship will take place for three years before he moves on to other schools nationwide. 

Hosein who also wears the cap as chairman of the Research Engineering Labatory Technology Revolving Consultants Inc has also launched a similar initiative - (Q-PAD) - Quality Performance Awareness Drive - which will ensure quality performances by workers at local companies. 

“The aim is to provide companies in Trinidad and Tobago that their workers will give maximum productivity for the compensation that they receive” he said. 

According to Hosein “Government has been injecting a lot of money into the construction and other industries, but to date there is yet to be the quality of work through quality building structures etc to show for it.” 

He assures that as simple as the dollar cricket concept may be, it will instill the right mindset to young people which will stay with them when they get to the work place. 

First Published In The Trinidad & Tobago Newsday.

Thu, 03/06/2014 - 23:46